Ginger Discrimination

We can't choose our hair, so let it be fair!


People need to stop discriminating against people’s hair. They don’t get to choose so let it be fair & get over it. Gingers are people to! #ItOnlyGetsRedder

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Ginger Discrimination

Kid: “ Mommy I don’t feel good. ”

Mom: “ What’s wrong sweetie? ”

Kid: “ I think I have a fever. ”

Mom: “ Honey you don’t have a fever, I just checked, why don’t you tell what’s really wrong. “

Kid: “ Mom, I just can’t go to school today”

Mom: “Is something bothering you at school?”

Kid: “ Mom you wouldn’t understand being beaten because of your hair color.”

Mom: “ Why would anyone do that?”

Kid: “You’ve never heard of “Kick a Ginger day” ?”

People around the world are being mistreated because of their hair color. Ginger discrimination is an actual thing and people are abusing redheads, because of the way they look. There is such thing as “ Kick a Ginger Day” and it is on November 20. People are trying to put an end to “ Kick a Ginger day”, because it is very violent. A school in South Yorkshire took the day to an extreme level of violence. Kids at the school were being kicked and bullied. Let’s put a stop to this ruthless holiday and end ginger discrimination!

We Can’t choose our hair, so let it be fair!