A new kind of advertising platform

What is Gifties?

In general Gifties is a fun Facebook Application that allows users to send and share virtual icons that can become real. Using points, friends can “buy” their friends something cute for their birthday, or any occasion, that surprisingly can become a real gift. The Gifties Application has a viable community that is growing rapidly.

For Brands and Small Business

Gifties is a new kind of advertising platform.

It combines: Playful and Visual way to bring more awareness of your brand. We can turn any object into beautiful animated Giftie and help you spread the word around, fast. Using a patent pending technology we allows users to win while the brand can control its budget by adjusting the odds of winning that way the Brand can make sure people will win within the budget setting.

How does this work?

First we need to know what would you like to promote. We then create an icon custom icon and feature it on our Facebook Application. You can decide if you are doing a contest between users, or just give a discount offer for all which doesn't contain a gaming feeling, but usually users will happily share something in exchange for something else.

We turn your product distribution into a game

All you need to do is provide us with some sort of swag or item that you'd like to promote (by mail or pickup). It can be a product or a gift card, but most important, it must be something that can be shipped easily. We will lead the gaming process, choose the winners and take care of the shipping & handling at the end. We also encourage the winners to upload a pictures with the winning product on your Facebook page along with some testimonial. You will be informed during the game stages and can provide a support channel whenever needed. In other words, sit back, relax, and we will make sure your users will have fun while getting to know your product.
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Gifties Introductory Video

Our offering includes:

Custom and Branded Giftie:

Using a team of in house professional animator, we can practically turn any object into a beautiful icon/badge (aka Giftie). We want to make sure that when people share it on their Facebook Wall, it will be as attractive it can be to other users to click on it. The main idea is to change Advertising into something people want to click about, and when it comes to a candy eye icon, that looks lovely on a user’s wall, we come to conclusion, it works.


There are several ways we can distribute your Giftie. The Application itself, Our Facebook page, and through an email newsletter to all of our users.

Gameful Activity

You probably tried every possible way to promote yourself in Facebook. Actually, everyone is trying the same: Like contests, Ads, or sponsored content. This is why these things are not working as well as before. With Gifties you have a fresh and original way to gain more users/customers traction, likes, and overall a playful way to spread the word about new things.

Designed Banner or Cover Photo

If you wish we can design a banner to your website, or a cover photo to Facebook to place during the time your Gifite is featured. That way we’ll make sure that everyone can see your Giftie, people on our community plus people from your community = stronger visibility.

Direct link to your Giftie

To make it easier for people to get your Giftie, without the need to go all over the App experience, we will create a direct link that will highlight your Giftie and allow users to share it right away with no need to use any other elements on the app.

Virtual Points

Since the whole Application core using virtual points to “buy” more Gifties that can become real, we will treat any user that share your Giftie with extra 1,000 points! That way will make sure he can send your Giftie to more than one person.


It is very important to us as well as you to know how many users used the app, when, where, how, and through what - We will share this information with you as part of the partnership to allow you learn more about your community.

A New Form of Advertising

We do believe this is a much cool way to advertise things. Who said Advertising can’t be fun. Facebook created a different behavior when people usually expect to gain something for their support in a product or any item out their. It may not be acceptable by everyone, but it is what it is and we are trying to work with it. However, it is not logical to give each and every user a gift, so we try to find the balance in either give a gift to a random user, or a discount or any offer to all the users. At the most least, the users get to have a cute virtual icon on their wall to share with their friends.

Shipping & Handling

We'll take care of all the shipping & Handling for you, making sure your customers get their Gifties as fast as possible.

Happy customers

We hope that as an outcome from this experience users will stay connected with the page, tell their friends about the product, and show more loyalty to the brand overall.