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with Ms. Cloyd & Mrs. Drayton

The Academy of Environmental Sciences at Dutch Fork: Title I


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Literacy & SS w/Mrs. Drayton

This week, we began to explore the following Social Studies and Language Arts standards:

SS 5-4.1
Summarize daily life in the post–World War I period of the 1920s, including improvements in the standard of living, transportation, and entertainment; the impact of the Nineteenth Amendment, the Great Migration, the Harlem Renaissance, and Prohibition; and racial and ethnic conflict.

You're children will be in charge of developing our lessons over the next week! I am so excited about the investigations we will be participating in to become experts in areas of the 1920's. Our expert investigations will begin on Thursday. :-)

RL 5.2
Determine a theme of a story, drama, or poem from details in the text, including how characters in a story or drama respond to challenges or how the speaker in a poem reflects upon a topic; summarize the text.

In observance of Black History month and to address the above standards, we will celebrate, read, and analyze the works of Langston Hughes and investigate the huge impact of the Harlem Renaissance on America past and present. The students will also focus on how they, too can become influential writers and/or artists such as Langston Hughes and so many other Harlem Renaissance figures.

Additionally, I'd like to make it known that in our classroom, we do not wait for the month of February to acknowledge the accomplishments of African Americans. Whenever we have the opportunity to make multicultural connections with our 5th grade curriculum, it's important for me to acknowledge and celebrate ALL cultures throughout the school year.

Student World War I Mini-Lessons

We have found that one of the best ways to gain deeper understanding of what we are learning is to become the teacher of the topic. It forces us to think deeply and ask questions to further our understanding.

Sample: JaLeia & Jaylah's Lesson Notes

"Wilson didn't want people to think that he wasn't going to let somebody take away their democracy so he got re-elected so people can still stand for what they believe in. In a democratic society people can do whatever they want as long as they are not breaking the law. But communism is the opposite of a democratic society Communism is where you have to go by the government telling you want to do."

These ladies did a fantastic job explaining what President Wilson meant when he said "The world must be safe for democracy." We now understand that in order for other countries to have the same liberties that a democratic society provides us, America had

to enter World War I.

Math & Science w/Ms. Cloyd


Reminder: Math Night February 11 from 6-730 in Mini Theatre and Ms. Cloyd's room

We are starting on Chapter 7 on Monday.
In this chapter we will be studying ordered pairs, order of operations, number patterns and graphing. We will continue to work on division and multiplication in a small group setting.

Please encourage your child to work on the multiplication/division packet I sent home for extra practice. I have told my students that if they bring me a front/back complete, that I will give them an extra 100 in the gradebook.


The science fair problems were fantastic!! I am so proud of how hard each and every one of my students worked on these projects. I was thoroughly impressed by how they turned out and their grades reflected that! :)

This week we began our new unit on Forces in Motion. In this unit we will explore gravity, friction, magnetism, Newton's laws of Motion and more! !

Field Trip Update

Our trip to Magnolia Plantation, Wednesday, April 9th is only two months away! Final payments are due March 3rd. Please let us know if you have any questions.

We Need Your Help

PTO Bingo Night

Our school's annual Bingo Night is scheduled for Friday, March 21. The PTO needs help with items for the silent auction. Each class is asked to donate an item or basket for the auction. The class that raises the most money with their donation will win a pizza party! Please email your child's homeroom teacher if you would like to be in charge of helping the class put together a basket or donating something to auction. The item(s) can be handmade by the students, so if you are crafty and would like to come to our class to help the students make something, we'd love to have you!

Here are some ideas from the PTO for donations:

Hand-Made Items

Items made by a class tend to be top sellers. Items may include plates, chairs, or quilts. Items that utilize students handprints or fingerprints are awesome. The sky is them limit! You can find hundreds of items by doing a Google or Pinterest search!

Themed Baskets

Create a basket around any them you choose! You or a parent may know a business that could donate a gift card or item and work a theme around that. Possible themes include Gardening, Carolina or Clemson, Game Night, Books, Travel, Spa, Picnic, Date Night, and Cooking.


Do you know someone who could provide a one-of-a-kind experience? Perhaps you know someone who could provide backstage passes to a major event, a behind the scenes look as a local disc jockey, or maybe you know a local athlete who would be willing to spend a couple of hours playing a sport with the winning student and a friend. Anything that would give students (or adults) the opportunity to experience something that not everyone has the opportunity to do would work for this!


Do you have a special skill or talent that you would be willing to share with an auction winner? Perhaps you are skilled at sewing and could teach the winner how to sew a simple item. Maybe you're a gifted song writer or poet, and you and the winner could work on an original piece.

Thanks in advance!

District 5 Dance Marathon

Saturday, Feb. 22nd, 1pm

11629 Broad River Rd

Chapin, SC

Each District Five School will have a team.

Participant cost: $5.00

Participant cost including a D5DM t-shirt: $10.00

Register at:

All proceeds support Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital