Room 26 Weekly News

February 29, 2016


I hope you enjoyed the beautiful weekend! This week, your student will be participating in BizTown job interviews and will start working on business plans with their coworkers in preparation for our field trip next week!

It is Read Across America week! This week, LCM will be celebrating each day with special dress-up days and events:

  • Monday - "Manic Monday" - Wear crazy socks to school
  • Tuesday - "Free to Read Tuesday" - Wear a t-shirt with writing on it
  • Wednesday - "Drop Everything and Read ("DEAR") Day" and Green Eggs and Ham in the cafeteria!
  • Thursday - "Thinker Thursday" - Pocket Day (wear lots of pockets, preferably with wockets in them!)
  • Friday - Literature Parade (8:45 on the blacktop, parents are welcome to attend!)


We are continuing our math unit on Decimals this week. Our focus will be on dividing numbers with decimals.

Many of our students are still struggling with basic multiplication and division facts. Please encourage your students to memorize their facts!!

Language Arts

This week, we will be close reading non-fiction texts from our A.C.T. book and citing text evidence when we answer questions.

We started a new vocabulary curriculum last week and will continue working on it in the weeks and months to come. We will also be working with Analogies (one of my favorites!) to help students see and understand relationships between words. This is a great topic for developing higher level critical thinking skills.


We are continuing with our unit on Body Systems. Our owl pellet dissections are coming along well. Most students are starting to sort and assemble the skeletons they have removed from the pellets. They will label all the bones and determine what kind of animal they have reconstructed. They will also do an informational writing piece to go along with the owl pellet activity.

Social Studies

Our social studies focus for the next two weeks will continue to be BizTown. Students have been learning so much about the circular flow of economy, finances and banking, and job/work readiness skills. They will be receiving their BizTown job assignments and begin working with their business colleagues to develop plans and materials for our field trip next week.


P.E. - Monday/Wednesday

Music - Tuesday

Library - Thursday

Art - Friday

**The Apex Fun Run is coming! Students will be participating in the Dolphin Dash (Apex Fun Run) on March 10. Apex will be here for a school-wide pep rally on March 1st and information will be coming home that day.