Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Author: Jeff Kinney

Setting: Winter

Character: Greg, Mom, Dad, Manny, Rodrick, Rowley, Family

Point of view: First Person

Conflict: The Holidays

Climax: The end of the Holidays

Resolution: Everyone goes back home and the holidays are over

Paragraph summary:

In this story it talks about how Greg has to fight through the holidays and the family. School is almost on break and family is coming over. It starts to snow and weather turning bad so they have to stay in doors. Then all the holidays end

Compare and contrast

Cabin Fever and Dog Days


1. Greg is in both books

2. Greg and Rowley are still friends

3. Rowley and Greg got in trouble in both books


1.One is in the summer

2. Holly hills is in one of them

3. in cabin fever the are in school

Star Rating


1 Paragraph Critique of the Book

I would recommend this book to middle schoolers. Because it talks about middle school and how it effect them in the book. It is funny and weird. In some parts it has some crude humor bu that just right for middle schoolers. It is good book.

Author's Purpose

To make people laugh and to some thing that might happen in middle school