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Presentation for Computer Science (CPU)

CPU (Function)

A central processing unit (CPU) is the hardware within a computer that carries out the instructions of a computer program by performing the basic arithmetical, logical, control and input/output operations of the system.A computer can have more than one CPU; this is called multiprocessing. All modern CPUs are microprocessors, meaning contained on a single chip.

CPU (Importance)

Every computer in your office contains a crucially important device called a Central Processing Unit, or CPU. The CPU performs arithmetic and makes logical decisions at speeds up to billions of operations per second. Every other component in the computer serves the CPU by fetching and storing data or displaying results on the screen.

Attributions of a CPU

In general, the more a CPU can do in a given time, the faster it is. One way to measure a processor's speed is MIPS. Flops and CPU clock speed (usually measured in gigahertz) are also ways to measure how much work a processor can do in a certain time.

Types of CPU = $25-$100

Single Core CPUs=Single core CPUs are the oldest type of computer CPU available and initially this was the only type of CPU that could be used in computers. Single core CPUs can only start one operation at a time, so they were not very good at multi-tasking.

Dual Core CPUs=A dual core CPU is a single CPU that has two cores and thus functions like two CPUs in one. Unlike single core CPUS where the processor had to switch back and forth between different sets of data streams if more than one operation was running, dual core CPUs can handle multitasking much more efficiently.

Quad Core CPUs=Quad Core CPUs are a further refinement of the multi-core CPU design and features four cores on a single CPU. Just as dual core CPUs could split the workload between two cores, quad cores allows for even greater multitasking.

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