CIA and Hollywood

Escape from Tehran

It all started with the U.S. Embassy in Tehran. This was at the same time that the Shah, leader of Tehran, left the country and looked to America to take him in, and they did. When the news of this got back to Tehran, an attack on the U.S. Embassy was under way. They took all of the Americans in the U.S. embassy hostage except six. These six people were able to sneak out and get out of the embassy before they were taken hostage. They walked down the road and were going to go to the British Embassy but it was too far and they knew they would not make it so they hid in the house of Bob Anders. They switched houses a few times and then ended up in the house of John Sheardown and met the Canadian Ambassador, Ken Taylor. Ken Taylor played a big part in working with the CIA and the six hostages to get them out safely.

Now with the hostages hidden and safe, the U.S. CIA to figure out how to help them escape safely from Tehran before it is too late. Tony Mendez was the lead CIA agent in the U.S. to head the rescue mission for the hostages. After many ideas of how to get that many people out of there all at the same time, Tony Mendez is the one that came up with the idea to pretend they were a film crew working on a movie and that is why they were there all together. This sounds like such a crazy thing to do but it turned out to be the best decision they ever made.

In order for this movie idea to work they had to make it look like they were actually making a movie. This meant they had to actually get them all set up in the actors union, make a movie transcript, make a movie production. Movie flyers, and publicity and anything else you would actually do to make a real movie. They pretty much were making a real movie, just without actually acting. They made it look so real in Hollywood that people were sending their fake agency movie manuscripts and asking about their movie all the time. The title of their movie was Argo.

All of the hostages had to play a role, production manager, director, camera man, transportation, and more. They had to get ready and comfortable with the roles they were playing and had to make it look very real. One slip up and they would all get caught. They worked day and night to perfect their roles and get all the paperwork, tickets, manuscripts, pass ports and every important document needed to get them out of the country. With everything working together and a few close calls at the airport, this amazing plan worked and they were all able to escape they country and get back to America. It is an escape plan that will always be remembered for how a crazy idea can turn in to a perfect escape.

My personal review about the book

i really recommend this book to people. It blows my mind on how they thought of such a plan to help them escape. Actually working with Hollywood and the CIA. They got it to work and go so perfectly with only a few glitches were able to pull it off without being caught. It is very suspenseful, it keeps you wanting to read more and see what happens, especially since you know that it is a true story and this happened to actual people.


Booklover23: I can't believe the CIA actually worked with Hollywood.

GoAmerica: This happened in real life?! No way!

Booksarelife: I love this book!