Greek art movement

c.850-27 BCE

artist, locations and structures of the greek art movement

Greek art movement


  • seen throughout many parts of Greece


  • Phidias - Parthenon, statue of Zeus at Olympia
  • polykleitos - scupltures and statues not many are in tact today , known for bronze sculptures of young athletes


  • Parthenon
  • statue of Zeus at Olympia
  • statue of Athena parthenos

main ideas of the Greek art movement

The main reason artist made art in the Greek art movement was mostly to put emphasis on religion or to show the accomplishments of human beings and most art was supported by the government and displayed

other facts about Greek art movement


  • earliest wring in the americas by the olmec culture (650)
  • Sparta defeats Athens in Peloponnesian war (404)
  • alexander the great conquers egypt (332)