Matter Really does Matter

By: Grayson Pollok

Different Types of Matter

There are three types of matter. Solid, liquid, and gas. Each is very unique. Particles in each form of matter behave differently. I will show you how. But first lets talk about particles.

Particle Model of Matter

Particle model of matter is based on a few key principles:
  1. Every substance is made up of microscopic particles
  2. Particles always move/vibrate
  3. Particles have spaces between other particles
  4. The motion of the particles increase when the temperature increases and slows when they decrease

Particles in Solids

How particles behave in solids:

  1. Particles are connected
  2. Particles vibrate in places
  3. Very little space between particles
  4. Least kinetic energy

Particles in Liquids

How particles behave in liquids:

  1. Particles are able to move around and are not connected
  2. Little space between particles
  3. More kinetic energy than solids

Particles in Gases

How particles behave in gases:

  1. Particles are able to move around
  2. Most space between particles
  3. Most kenetic energy