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  • Physical Properties: colorless, odorless, gas, tasteless, soluble in water
  • Chemical Properties: oxidation- oxygen will not react with neon in typical conditions. Re-activity- Neon is chemically inactive. Under low pressure, it glows a bright orange/red if an electric current is passed through it. There are no acid compounds. Neon is produced by the fractionation of air.
  • Neon is used to make neon signs, glow lamps, electron tubes, plasma studies, fluorescent starter tubes, gas lasers
  • Neon does not combine with any other element because it is a noble gas and it is non reactive.
  • Isotopes: Ne-20, Ne-21, Ne-22

Why YOU should buy NEON

You should buy neon objects over other objects because neon has a long history! Neon goes way back! Did you know that it goes back all the way to the late 1600's? Well it does! The theory behind neon dates all the way back to 1675 when a French astronomer observed a small glow in a mercury tube! The tube was shaken and a light occurred, but nobody understood why at that time.

Neon is used in many different objects that you may need! Are you in need of a business sign? Or maybe a glow lamp for a gift for a daughter or grand daughter? Then Neon is the element for you! Neon is a great element that will brings great color to many objects such as glow lamps, signs, gas lasers, etc. So if you're in need of something fun and bright then buy neon!

Finally, you should buy neon because it's very special! It's original state is a noble gas, which is very cool because it's independent! Neon is one of the very few elements that doesn't react with any other element. Neon works just fine on its own! Each gas used in neon lights has it's own color! Mixing gases and elements added to a neon light creates different hues, so you can get Neon in any color!