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Trick Or Treat! Happy OWLoween!!

Are you ready, and excited, for all those cuties dressed up in their costumes to ring your doorbell for Halloween? Well, if you aren't, you should be! This is the perfect time to get your name out in the neighborhood from the comfort of your own home! How easy will that be?? Here's a few ideas of how to market Origami Owl during this spooky season!

~Edible Business Cards! Purchase, or make, miniature candy wrappers with your information on them! You can buy the wrappers in bulk from www.treasuredsweets.com for $35/100. It's a bit of work to put them on, but could be a great investment!

~Attach a roll of smarties to a preprinted paper stating, "Be A Smartie! Book A Party!"

~Attach a coupon, or business card, to each piece of candy for the "Mummy."

~Print labels for water bottles to hand out to the adults!

~Remember, you can do reverse trick or treating too! This is where YOU get dressed up and go door-to-door. It's best if you just make it a small bag with a piece of candy and your business info.

All these are great ideas! Just be sure your contact information is visible and easy to read! Please view the video below for additional ideas :)

How to Boost Your Direct Sales Business on Halloween

Get to know..... PAM GUNN!!

Hi! I'm Pam Gunn, Team Leader with Origami Owl. I started working with this amazing company February 20, 2013. I had a dream to have financial independence doing something I loved.

Since I started my journey with Origami Owl, my life has changed in ways I never imagined. In one year with this company, I paid off my 2011 Harley Davidson Street Glide (3 years early), paid off my 2008 Toyota Avalon (5 months early) and I have traveled, made friends across the country, built self-confidence, and more. I now find myself quickly approaching my dream with my Origami Owl business.

Sharing my Origami Owl story, and my love for our jewelry, is one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever had. I focus and dedicate time each day on meeting my sales quotas via working with my existing customers, and finding new ways to get new customers. I also work on building my team through strengthening my team members knowledge of this amazing company.

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Sales of over $500 in September!!

Congratulations Pam Gunn, Cathy Clauss, Connie Bruns, Jennifer Baker, Melinda Downing, and Kim Biehn!
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With a huge shout out to our #1 in sales for September with over $2,000.... Congratulations to Michelle Keener!! Way to go! You will be receiving a special gift from me! This is this the second consecutive month you've earned this title! Awesome job!
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Big Welcome To The Newest Designer's In August!!

Angela Benedict, Shauna Chapman, Angi Garcia, Jen Pelzer and Ray Gunn! We are very happy you are here!
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Holiday Hostess Exclusive!!

Are you ready to earn this beauty? I can't wait to get this around MY neck!! :)