North V.S. South

Erik T. P.6

The South

In the south there is a fair amount of hotness and swamps there, but if you are a farmer I highly recommend coming down here. Down here there are slaves, also great cotton production. Here in the south we have many gun factories, rail factories, and steam engine factories. Transportation in the south is very convenient, we have trains to the north, to the west, to the east, you name it you'll get there. Not only trains there are riverboats to take you to Boston or anywhere on the east coast. The society in the south is a lot different than the north. In the south there are many plantations, many slaves, wealthy white men who own plantations.

The North

Geography in the north is a explorers dream, there are so many forests and rivers you wouldn't want to pass this place up. The economy in the north is filled with industries, better roads, more industries. Transportation in the north are boats powered by steam engines and trains. The big difference in the north compared to the south is that there is no slavery! On the down side it is pretty filthy and crowded.
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By: Erik Tupper P.6