Caution re: Fraud and Knocks Offs!

Head's Up

Team, there is a lot of fraud going on out there!

BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE of the following:

BEWARE of emails from "customers" saying they need to talk to you about payment of a potential order


Do not offer packaging to customers not buying specific and actual Origami Owl products

Often customers will have a knock off locket and want to put in some O2 charms and ask you for a locket box or take out box

Do not give them any packaging except for the charms!

Recipients think they got an O2 locket and did not - they will try to return when it breaks, etc.

and they will believe these "cheapies" to be our product....damaging our reputation for quality, etc.


FRAUDULENT O2 OFFERS....O2 Legal is on the case!

Several O2 Designers and Customers received an email today from "" stating that our cyber Monday sale has been extended and offering what appears to be our exact product line.
Please note that this is not an email coming from The Nest and not a valid Nest offer. Our legal team are aware of the issue and are working diligently to find a resolution.
We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

Another example of Fraud: this hacker will process payment, never send the product, and hack your credit card!

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Your Devoted Mentor, Team Director

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