Welcome to Lime's Open House

By Liem Do 6th Grade Earth Science

Earthquake PBL Project

This PBL project was to teach us to build an earthquake-resistant house. We learned about the materials needed to prevent a collasped house. Also, we learned how to be structural engineers (being resourceful and making a sturdy house). Driving Question: How can we, as structural engineers, construct a two story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity?

Our design for Tony Stark was that we should use the popsticle sticks as the base isolator and also use them as walls. We also decided that we should make the roof out of straws so it wouldn't collapse because it was light. We also thought that if we put toothpicks on the inside as cross braces, the house would stay firm.

30 Hands Project

What I Learned and Enjoyed

I have learned that human beings are trashing the Earth in many ways. Pollution, global warming, using and producing fossil fuels, and more are included and must be stopped. Polar bears and other animals are almost on the edge of extinction, so STOP GLOBAL WARMING!

What I enjoyed about the 30 Hands Project was recording myself. I kept on messing up, saying the wrong lines, and I hear many background noises. I thought that it was funny. Also, I liked grading because I got to see other peoples' projects.

Invention Convention

The problem our innovation is solving is the risk of forest fires. Forest fires have been damaging our world, not just the enviroment, but also economy and human health. Thanks to our new innovation, we are building a forest fire preventer using reusables and recyclables. Introducing the smoke-detecting sprinkler! To prevent these forest fires, we will hang our tool in trees of the forest. From the fire, the smoke will rise. Then the smoke detector we are using will trigger the water container which pours the water out onto the fire to stop it.

Extra Credit- Favorite Unit

My favorite unit this year in Earth Science 6 was the Earthquake unit. I loved this unit because I had so much fun working together with friends. The Earthquake PBL project was a blast and me and my friends worked well together, getting a good grade on it. I learned how to be structural engineers and build a house for Tony Stark. We kearned the materials needed and what kind of structure was needed such as cross braces. Also, the activities or labs that I liked was the Chapter 5, Section 2 Cornell Notes. I got to work as an independent learner. The Earthquake Unit was so fun because I had a great time collaberating with my teamates.
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