Shepton High School

Back to School 2017-18

August 18 , 2017

First Day of School Information

Student Schedule Information

Reprint Schedules

Students schedules became available online beginning August 8. Our counselors have been enrolling new students, making schedule changes, and balancing class sizes since then, and many students will not have the schedule they originally printed. We ask that you view and print your student's schedule again before Monday to be sure you have the latest version.

To obtain your student's schedule, you will need to login to You will be prompted to update and complete contact information, student health information, select restrictions, and electronically sign emergency forms and other renewable forms. The final step is paying the $5 school ID fee, after which you should be able to view and print your student's schedule.*

*Student IDs will be issued to students after they have taken their school pictures during the fall semester picture day.

Parent Portal Tips

If possible, we recommend printing students' schedules at home and bringing them to Shepton on the first day of school. We suggest accessing Parent Portal on a computer rather than a mobile device, as you may not be able to pay the ID fee on your phone. You should also disable popups on your browser for the site. For first-time users, Parent Portal registration instructions are available in English and Spanish using the links below.

If you are unable to print your schedule at home, a computer lab will be available for you to login and print your student's schedule during Stallion Stampede. Shepton staff members will be in the lab to assist with computer access and following the steps to reach your schedule once logged in. Please note that they will not be able to resolve technical issues relating to your Parent Portal account (i.e. a forgotten password).

If you are experiencing login issues or other difficulties with the site, please send an e-mail with your request to or call the help desk at 469-752-8767. Business hours are: Monday-Thursday 7:00 AM–6:00 PM and Friday 7:00 AM–5:00 PM. Please include your student's name, ID number and campus.

Holds on Student Schedules

Another possible reason for not being able to access a schedule may relate to a hold on your student's account. Below are possible holds on your student's schedule and the information you would need to provide to clear the hold:

  • Student ID Fee: Please send your student with $5.00 to the Shepton Main Office to pay for his/her student ID. Student IDs will be issued to students after they have taken their school pictures during the fall semester picture day.
  • Immunization: Please provide an updated immunization record to Nurse Jan in the clinic.
  • Out-of-Date Address Information: Proof of residency would need to be provided in the form of a lease or most recent utility bill to Ms. Weckman in the counseling office.
  • Textbook/Instructional Materials/Library Fine: If you owe a fine for a missing book or other instructional material, please bring the item and/or the amount owed via check or cash to the Shepton Main Office.
Schedule Change Information

Students will need to follow their assigned schedules on August 21. Counselors will not be changing schedules on the first day of school. After August 21, students who wish to have their schedules changed should pick up a Schedule Change Request in the Counseling Office and return it completed with parent signature. Counselors will make changes based on the available space in the requested course.

Counselors' Contact Information

Jane Clanahan A-Ch Ext. 27620

Angie Novak Ci - Hd Ext. 27616

Christy Maples He - Mc Ext. 27617

Mai Cai-Bosrz Md - Sa Ext. 27619

Erick Andrade Sb - Z Ext. 27618


JoAnn Woodland Ext. 27615


Jane Bingham Ext. 27623

Shepton Telephone: 469-752-7600

Counseling Fax: 469-752-7621

Information about Monday's Total Solar Eclipse

Dear Parents,

On August 21, 2017, we will experience the first total solar eclipse visible in the U.S. since 1918. The total phase of this solar eclipse is not visible in Plano, but it can be observed as a partial solar eclipse. We will experience about 75% coverage.

Start time: 11:40 a.m.

Maximum: 1:09 p.m.

End time: 2:39 p.m.

Shepton High School students will have the opportunity to view a portion of the eclipse through approved NASA viewing glasses. We will provide an opportunity during student’s 4th period (study hall, lunch class) rotation, which correlates with the aforementioned eclipse times. We will additionally provide an opportunity for students to view live coverage of the eclipse in the classroom. NASA is providing a live stream online at

Due to some of our students traveling to and from classes outside during the eclipse time, we will inform all students of the safety precautions during our morning classroom activities. Families can access informational resources via the NASA website, including safety tips, educational activities, videos and more at We encourage you to discuss these safety tips with your child before August 21st.

We are looking forward to making this once-in-a-lifetime event meaningful for the students at Shepton. We wish you and your family a great weekend and look forward to welcoming you back to school on August 21st.


Jeff Banner


Shepton High School

General Information

Carpool & Traffic Information

In an effort to ensure that all students arrive and depart school safely, please be sure to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Use the parking lot on the south side of the building and carpool lanes only. Do not enter the bus lane.
  • Refrain from dropping students off on Plano Parkway or across the street. It is extremely dangerous for students to cross six lanes of traffic.

*** Our bus lane has moved to the west side of the building. Students that ride the bus will enter and exit the building through the cafeteria.

Parking Permits

Cars that are parked in the Shepton Parking Lot must have a Parking Permit. Permit forms are available in the Attendance Office for $20 and need to be filled out by both parents & students and returned before you can park at Shepton. Cars without a Parking Permit will receive an Orange Warning Sticker for the first offense and could be towed on the second offense.

Exclusion from School for Health Reasons

There are times that your student may need medication at school. PISD has a procedure for medication at school. To keep them pain free at school, please see the medication policy below.

Students are not permitted to carry medication with them or to have medication in their lockers or backpacks. There are a few exceptions to this rule, and the nurse has to approve all exceptions.

In order for medications to be given at school, the parent must complete a Medication Request form, available online, or your student may pick one up in the clinic. A separate form is needed for each medication. The form must name the medication; designate how much should be given, how often and for what reason. If a larger dose or increased frequency other than that recommended for over the counter medications or the over the counter medication is for more that 10 consecutive days you must include a Dr.’s prescription.

Please send bottles no larger than 3“ tall, as the clinic has minimal storage space.

All prescription meds and open containers must be brought in by the parent, or adult listed on the student’s emergency form. All medication must be in the original container. No expired meds may be brought.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Jan Farmer, Nurse


Attendance Information

Here are some friendly reminders from our attendance clerk, Ms. DeJean:

  • Notes must be turned in within 3 days after an absence.

  • All notes must have a signature – EMAILS are not sufficient.

  • If you are picking up your student early, please please send early release notes in the morning with your student. We will give your student a pass to leave school at the designated time and they will be able to sign out. Due to construction there could be a delay if a note is not sent in the morning.

  • Parents only bring food or items for their own student. They are not allowed to bring food for other students.

  • Students are not allowed to have food delivered to the school.

  • Verification of Enrollment (VOE) - Requests take 24 hours to process, please plan in advance. Same day requests will not be available.

Locker Requests

Due to our campus renovation, we will not assign lockers for this school year. If you have an extenuating circumstance, and would like your students to be assigned a locker, have your student visit the Student Center complete a locker request form. The locker assignment will be subject to administration approval. Students whose locker requests are approved will be given their locker numbers and combinations during the first week of school.

We do allow students to carry backpacks to their classes. Therefore, the need of a locker is significantly reduced since students can carry their belongings throughout the day.

Student Code of Conduct & Dress Code

Please be mindful of the PISD dress code as you do your back-to-school shopping. Students’ dress and grooming are expected to be in keeping with accepted community standards and school policy. Shepton administration will make all final decisions regarding appropriate attire. Student Code of Conduct and Dress code policy can be found on at

Shepton PTSA/Clubs/Booster Announcements

School Supplies for Pickup & Purchase August 22-25

Shepton PTSA volunteers will be available during all lunches Tuesday, August 22 through Friday, August 25 if your student needs to pick up previously ordered school supplies or to purchase supplies for your student. For more information, please visit the Shepton PTSA website at

Shepton Athletic Booster Club

All Shepton Athletes and Parents are invited to our website:

If your child will participate in any sports or athletics while at Shepton, we are requesting that you visit our website at: to register and get information about everything you need to know to get started. We have sport pages, spirit wear, and information about upcoming practices.

Please direct any questions to

Get Plugged In!

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Shepton Community Messenger

Shepton parents and students are invited to join Shepton Community Messenger through Members of the “class” will receive school announcements via text and/or push notifications with the Remind app. Follow the instructions below to join the class and select your preferred method for receiving messages:

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