Stages of a rivers

By:Tyrek Briley, Donald Howard, and Madi Carroll

The model maker William Morris Davis

In the early 1900's, William Morris Davis developed a model for the stages of river development. According to his model, rivers evolve from a youthful stage to an old-age stage. He thought that all rivers erode in the same and at the same rate.

Formation of Rivers

Every river in this universe has a point of origin and the gravity plays a significant role in the direction flow in the river. In areas where  of the river is from the springs. They are many sources of water one of them are called precipitation. another important source is rain.

Stages of a River

There are four stages of a river: youthful, mature, old, and rejuvenated. Youthful: A youthful river is a young river. Youthful rivers flow quickly due to steep gradient. The sides of a youthful river are steep and straight. Mature: A mature river is a little older than a youthful river. They speed slower than a youthful river. A mature river is fed by many tributaries.Old: An old river has a low gradient. Old rivers have extremely low erosive power. Old  rivers are wide.Rejuvenated: A river is rejuvenated when the land is raised by Earth's tectonic plates. Land raises and the rivers gradient becomes steeper allowing the river to cut deep into the valley floor.