Wilson Weekly

Week of August 26th

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Action Items

  • Digital Literacy - Please complete the CISD Digital Literacy training with your learners by September 6th. English and Spanish versions may be found using the buttons below.
  • Curriculum Night - Please plan to have a sign-in sheet for attendees. You may put them in my box afterwards. Additionally, we have state SSI letters/brochures that we are required to give to parents. We will have them in your box and ready to be distributed that evening!
  • Handwriting Without Tears - Please let Jordan know if your team still needs anything! FYI - 1st DLI - Your books are on backorder. :(
  • Attendance - Please take attendance as close to 10:00 as possible. There are a variety of reasons why the 10:00 time is important (funding, parent notification, record-keeping, etc). Set an alarm or whatever you need to do to ensure attendance is taken as close to 10:00 as possible.
  • District Committees - Please see the button below for district committee rosters. Prior to me "voluntelling" people, I'd love to get as many volunteers as possible! Please add your name where you think you might be a good fit. I apologize that I don't have information on how often they meet, etc. For the campus SBDM, please speak with your team and "elect" an individual to represent your group!
  • MAP Testing - Please see the email from Dr. Applegate sent 8/23 regarding changes to the MAP window. Below is the link to the videos in Schoology that you may watch for Flex credit. Stay tuned for more details as we get them!
  • Report Card / Progress Reports - The timeline is linked below. Additionally, these dates have been added to the Wilson Outlook calendar.
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Save the Date

  • What: Goal Setting Conferences to discuss T-TESS Team Goal & T-TESS Personal Goal

  • When: DLI Classes- Sept 23rd & Monolingual Classes-Sept 25th

  • How: We will have a sub cover your class while we meet!

  • Where: Cooper’s Office

    These dates have been added to the Wilson Outlook.

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Safety & Security

Where do I go for Drills?!

To accommodate for campus growth, we have updated where each grade level goes for Fire Drill and Severe Weather Drills.

Let Jordan know if you have any questions!

Safety & Security Locations

Print this and post it by your door for quick reference!

English Learners Support

Now that you've had a chance to get to know your learners a bit, please take a few minutes to complete this ESL/BIL Support Survey (see below) to indicate what sorts of support you may need to assist your second language learners.


EL Support

Need support with your ELs? Be sure to complete this quick form!

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"Igniting Social-Emotional Learning" with Wordless Videos

Take a few minutes to check out this article below!

This is a great tool for Class Meetings/Circles and great for ELs!

You Deserve A Break!

Check out this quick guide for the best type of rest that complements your Enneagram profile.

Thanks Kaylyn for passing it along!

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BOY Assessments

Literacy Assessments

The window for your beginning of the year writing assessment is now open! This year, the genre of the writing assessment changes throughout the year, and it is a pre-assessment to drive instruction.

Our required district universal screeners for reading will be NWEA MAP and iStation. Running Records are a best practice and are expected to be done so you can know the reading level of your learners for instruction. You can access running record materials from Reading A to Z or several other places.

You will not be reporting out assessment information into Aware this year, but instead will discuss results and implications/next steps during your collaborative team times.


Week At A Glance

Monday - College Day

  • Specials Team Time
  • 1st iPad Rollout
  • Great Expectations Crash Course for New Hires - 3:15

Tuesday - Ed Foundation or PTO Shirt Day

  • 3rd Team Time
  • Kinder iPad Rollout
  • Cooper @ Principal Meeting - AM


  • 4th Team Time


  • 5th Team Time
  • Fire Drill - 2:00
  • Curriculum Night - 5:30-6:30 (K-2), 6:30-7:30 (3-5) - Please have sign-in sheets.

Friday - Team/Wilson/CISD Shirt Day

  • Rise & Shine
  • Happy Friday, and Happy 3-Day Weekend!