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This last week of September has brought us to the end of our journey in multiple units of study. We are learning to be reflective learners as we read over previous work, listen to our peers comments on our writing, and take time to acknowledge the growth we have made. The students are truly beginning to BELIEVE in themselves and witness the power of working hard. This is truly a rewarding journey to be on with them. With confidence, all things are possible!


Reading- "Unit 2 Informational Reading" Our learning has shifted to expolore the world of informational expository and narrative text. We will investigate the purpose and intention of both genre, as well as understand how and why writers use it to convey meaning. This unit proves to be one of the most beneficial units as they continue in all educational endeavors beyond 5th grade.

Writing- "Unit 2- Research Based Argument Writing". Next week we will start to uncover the power of writing when you have research to back up what you say. We will be researching a particular topic to gain knowledge to support our claims, as well as rebut counterclaims that may arise as about our given topic. This unit helps the students find VOICE, STRENGTH, and POWER in their writing! It is such a POWERFUL piece to teach and for the students to write.

Math- "Unit 2-Multiplication and Division of Whole Numbers" The mathematicians are learning the ins and outs of multiplication and division of multi-digit numbers. They are working to understand multiplying by 10, 100, 1000's first and then we will explore double digit times triple digit numbers. It is imperative that your child know their multiplication facts in order to be successful in this unit and beyond.

Social Studies- Chapter 2 "Native Americans" We have begun to dive into Social Studies to understand who came to America first and what drew them here. This will lead us to discover the first Native Americans to inhabit our lands. We will study their accomplishments and struggles along the way.

Spelling- We will continue to investigate words, their meanings, their synonyms, their antonyms, use them in figurative language, and think about them in ways never thought before. Your child will be given a new list of words and will be tested on October 16.



Our class has worked had to create our first masterpiece, a personal narrative. We have learned how to craft a story, elaborate, write create leads, write powerful takeaways, and write with description that leaves the reader wanting more.

We celebrated our success with our first publication party. EACH scholar read their story, while their peers listened, and responded on paper with a specific compliment about their writing. This proved to be one of the most powerful lessons because they got to see that their peers acknowledged specific skills that they did well.

When the party was over, each student received 20 compliments from their peers that told them about how they touched the reader on their first piece of writing. The scholars read the compliments and then wrote a reflection on how they felt they have grown this year as a writer. This was one of the most powerful and reflective things we done this year. The students were so proud of the compliments they glued them in their writers notebook and used them as the "proof" that what they are doing IS working! I have never seen such PRIDE! I'm so blessed to be a part of this great learning!

LET THE PUBLICATION PARTY BEGIN..................................

Scholars showing that TURN and TALK time is POWERFUL

Character Anaysis Project Spotlight

Congratulations Jadyn, Brandon, and Jacob!

These students continue to write powerful pieces of writing and challenge themselves to think deeply. Each week they learn and grow as readers, thinkers, and writers. Let the good thinking flow.....we are all learning from you!
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Jadyn's Response

In the book “Umbrella Summer” I found that Annie is a little too aware of the things around her but still appreciates everyone that helps around her. While reading the first few pages I predicted someone died or something really bad happened that made Annie so careful and never liked too anything fun, and that's what happened. Her brother Jared died only a few weeks before his birthday and forth of July. That caused he and her family too become devastated. Jared died unexpectedly two days after he got hit with a hokey put. The doctors said there would just be a bump for a while, but it turned out to be a rare heart disease. The hockey puck had hit him in the throat that set off a cause too a rare disease. Everyone that knew the family (and some who didn’t) constantly reminded them about Jared. The one person who didn’t was Tommy (Jared’s best friend). He would always feel sorry for Annie instead of look or talk like he is sorry Every year since they were five Tommy and jared had their birthday party together. Now they're turning 12 and Tommy won’t feel excited at all on his birthday without Jared. Annie watched out the window as he watched a big U HAUL truck unload furniture. Once she saw the big truck pull out and move away she decided to walk by the house. While she was going, Annie saw a sign the door that said WELCOME. Then out popped an old lady. The lady asked annie to come say hello so she could introduce herself, and Annie scutterd along. She left knowing the little old ladyns name was Mrs.French and she was actually sweet and kind. The next day Annie walked out of her house ready to ride her bike for a ride. But as she was riding down the sidewalk an annoying jumped out off and caused ANnie too fall off her bike. But not only did she fall, she got her leg stuck in her bike, her arm was gushing blood, and her parents were at work! Luckily, Mrs. Finch saw it all and ran over as fast as a old lady could. She invited Annie into her her house and offered Annie some tea. She politely told Mrs. Finch she doesn't like tea, and Mrs. Finch explained that it was a special kind of tea. After a while Annie and Mrs. Finch agreed to drink the tea but if she didn’t like it Annie could immediately stop. Later that day Annie left with a big band aid on her scab and a stomach full of yummy tea. Through the book too the end things were the same but with different problems for Annie but she had learned that watching out for things isn’t always the best things and sometimes you just have to let go.

While reading Umbrella Summer I found many people that impacted Annie. Mrs. Finch impacted Annie in a way that helped Annie throughout the story. She helped Annie close her umbrella when she least expected it. Mrs. Fich would have Annie come over, and she would help her without Annie knowing it. For example, whenever Annie would visit Mrs. FInch she would show up with bandages all over, even if there was nothing there. She would give her some tea and talked to her. Mrs. Finch would cause Annie to second guess about all her bandages. Even though it took a while Mrs. Finch got Annie too not feel as aware of the things she called “dangerous” and take away her fears one step at a time. Mrs. Finch also impacted Annie by helping her through hard times. For example when Annie had come over one day, her and Mrs. Finch talked about Jared. Mrs. Finch knew it was hard on Annie to loose her brother, and did the best she could to help her. She would have Annie talk good things about jared, that would make Annie remember all the good and positive things about Jared instead of the negative part of him dying. This make makes me think that Annie would have never closed her umbrella and see the sun.

Throughout the story neighbors and people that knew Annie and her family also impacted Annie. They knew that her brother died and would always bring him up in conversations. Even the people that Annie respected most would always ask how she and her family were doing and never let the fact that Jared died go. People that knew Annie would also always give her faces that Annie knew met they knew her brother died. If it was someone who didn’t know Annie well enough to talk to her about her brother they would give her a dead brother face and not speak at all. This made Annie feel annoyed and frustrated. She wanted people to treat her the way they did before Jared die and leave him between her and her family.

Tommy also impacted Annie throughout the story. He would always keep Annine company and when he did he would never make her frustrated or annoyed. Since Jared was Tommy’s best friend he would never do what other people did. He would talk to her like a sister and never let her feel upset, but most of all she would make Annie feel like she had a brother again. Tommy would never give Annie faces that made her want to cry or would never bring Jared up non-stop. Tommy made Annie feel lucky that she had him and appreciative that he never let her feel down or blue.

From reading Umbrella Summer, I’ve realized that things don’t always go as planned but when something unexpectedly changes you have to go with the flow. When Jared died Annie and her family needed to know it but they didn't and they didn't go with the wind they just stopped and let the wind fly them away. By the end of the book Annie had learned that can’t let the fear take over and create an umbrella you have to fight against it and open up your umbrella too see the sun and spectacular things around you. From that you can learn a lot more.

Jacob's Response

We continue the story Princess Labelmaker to the rescue! Tommy, Dwight, Sara, Kellen, Harvey, Lance, Mike, Amy and other characters in the Origami Rebellion have been waiting for Principal (Empress) Rabbski to finally take down Funtime like she said she would at the meeting with their parents. The story is written in a case file telling stories about the school and Funtime. They write all about the problems the rebellion or the people in the rebellion have. One of the stories is written by Amy and how she repeatedly marched to Rabbski’s office and asked if she was ever going to make those changes. On the 3rd time Mrs. Rabbski finally said she had finally made changes to Funtime. Later they get a note saying they replaced Funtime with ExtremeFun which is made by the same company (EduFun). It also said that if they rebel against ExtremeFun they would get expelled. After everyone got this letter people began to leave the rebellion. Now they’re only hope was Origami Yoda (OY). When they asked OY he said to give the case file to Rabbski. Immediately, everyone refuses, but the next day the case file mysteriously disappears. Later that day, they get called down to the principal's office. Afraid to get in trouble again they all walk down to the office. Surprisingly, they don’t get in trouble. They we’re only called down so Rabbski could say that if they get over the acceptable score they would get to have a special class without FunTime. Harvey immediately accepts the offer, but Tommy refuses. Tommy wanted FunTime taken down completely, he didn’t want only some people to get the chance of getting out of FunTime. Than, a man in a suit comes in. The Man works for EduFun. He says that they can go to the school board meeting and defend their opinion. After everyone leaves, Principal Rabbski asks Tommy to stay. Rabbski pulls out an origami Princess Leia and says someone sent her the case file and left her the origami, she also says that it was brave of Tommy to stand up for the students at Mcquarrie. Wondering who gave her the case file Tommy leaves the office and returns to class. At the board meeting they see everyone including Rabbski with their origami. When it begins everyone says their evidence behind their case. Each person gets 5 min. Since there were so many students from Mcquarrie Tommy got to stand up for everyone. After Tommy gives his evidence the board disagrees.Instead of them accepting this, they have Mr. Howell show videos of how dumb FunTime is. Kellen also says some bad tweets that Professor Funtime says about FunTime. Now, the board can’t refuse to get rid of FunTime, and they win! The next day at school Sara talks to Rabbski and Rabbski say that she’s retiring but becoming a math teacher excitedly Sara tells everyone.

One of the smallest problems got changed into one of the biggest problems when Dwight got into it. At first it was just them not wanting to sit through FunTime. Principal Rabbski thought this was a small problem but, she thought they would get used to it. It stayed like this for about 2 min. Dwight and his friends started a rebellion against FunTime causing almost everyone at school to protest against FunTime throughout the school year. This problem was caused when Dwight told a girl that they must take the program, making them start the rebellion, having Rabbski go through all the trouble.

When they started therebelliance that was a big problem but it got way bigger at a meeting with their parents. Mr. Howell showed clips of FunTime, causing the parents to see how dumb it was and join the kids, making Rabbski have to destroy FunTime. It alo made Rabbski have to take the risk of having the state test scores go down.

Making the impacts made me realize how much a character's actions can change the story.

Brandon's Response

In the beginning, Jason, Piper and Leo were in the back seats of a bus. When Jason woke he was holding hands with a girl he didn’t know. The girl was his girlfriend :D. She asked if Jason was ok because he had a confused look on his face. She and his friend Leo filled him in and said, “This is wilderness school where kids are the animals.” Then coach hedge was yelling into a micphone. When they finally reach the museum of nowhere, they were attacked by storm spirits that took coach hedge
(who is also a retired satyr). After coach hedge was taken into the clouds by a storm spirit, they were found by Annabeth who came here because she thought she could find her boyfriend (who is not Jason). So since they found three demigods they took them to Camp Half Blood. Leo was claim by the god of fire and tech. Then it was Piper who was claim by the goddess of love and Jason was already claimed by one of the big three, Zeus. Then a telling of a prophecy led them to a quest. Leo took control over a mechanical dragon which took them to the god of the north wind and three northern Cyclopes.

In the book, “The Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero,” one of the small problems that led to the larger problem is when Happy the dragon had his brain frozen by something or someone. When it landed Leo went to check on the dragon. While he did that Jason and Piper were captured by some Cyclopes and Leo had to save them. The second problem is, a god or something older has captured Hera, Zeus’ wife, and is going to steal her power and the winter solstice unless Jason, Leo and Piper can
save her (p.s. the winter solstice was in four days and is now just three days away).