Hackers Weekly-New's

Don't hack or get your life hacked !

Advice Column

Dear Cameron,

I really like this girl. I would like to date her, But i don't think she likes me. Shes so Beautiful ! I think shes the prettiest girl ever! But, Shes likes this other boy. I've liked her forever! Shes so sweet also! I want her to notice me! What should i do? Help me please!

From, Chetto

Dear Chetto,

I advice that you make her HAVE to start noticing you, Start doing sweet things for her, Like opening the door for her. Put up her notebook for her. Help her with her School work, Just sweet stuff like that. Be funny!!! That will get her attention fast ! Hope everything goes well.

Movie Review

OMG! Have you ever seen this movie? I think its the best movie ever! You need to go see it! Well its kinda hard to explain it to you. So its starts off with these people breaking into a Building and stealing a bunch of Money! So later in that week, They get some neuro headphones. Now remember how they stole all that money? The FBI put a camera & a microphone in the Neuro headset. Josh & His friend Liam are still talking about the night that they robbed that building. They cant get over it. Soon later that day, The FBI team comes up & Takes Josh! They take him to a Jail, And Josh is a hacker. That means hes really good with computers. He brakes out of the jail & joins the FBI team. Thats all im telling you, Go whatch the rest of it!

Feature article

Josh , He is the main Chacter in the story. He is a very smart kid! He is the best hacker i know! Ask him to break into a website and he will! He is very intelligent & very stubborn. Hes 17 years old and lives with his Mom. He lives in Newyork and lives in a Apartment. He is love with the Neuro headset .

Comic Strip

There wasn't alot of Funny moments in the book, But what was funny & werid, Is when he woke up and the end of the Story and wanted a Cheeseburger! That was the funniest part of the story to me.

Nero headset/Advertisment

Nero headset for sale . going for $50 . Its a great piece of Machine, It will make you go crazy, Thats its such a magnificent machine. It can be used for many sources. Its only been used 2 or 3 times, Basically its brand NEW!


I had Josh Hutcherson play as Sam in the story, And i had Liam Hemsworth playing as Sams best friend in the story. I had Jennifer Lawrence play as the girl in the story. These are all characters of the movie "Hunger Games". I hope you have a good day mrs. Goodson!