Jordyn and Junior

One day Junior the fox was walking through the woods when he saw a Jordyn the bear catching some fish to eat. Junior says "Hey Jordyn can I have some fish?" Jordyn says "No Junior you are too needy," So he walks back to his home and Jordyn eats her fish with her cubs.
The next day Junior was walking through the woods and he spots a rabbit so he catches the rabbit and starts eating it until Jordyn comes through the woods and roars "Hey Junior can I have some rabbit?" "No way!" Junior replies "You denied me just yesterday and now you ask me for rabbit? You must be crazy!" With that Junior ran away with his rabbit in his mouth mocking Jordyn.
On the very next day Junior was going for his daily hunt when "BOOM" He was attacked by a wolf. The wolf thrashed at his neck throwing him around when all of a sudden, Jordyn picked the wolf up and threw him, followed by her cubs beating the wolf to a pulp. Junior ran away saying nothing to Jordyn not even thanking her.

The next day when Jordyn was catching fish the wolf attacked her too, but Junior just ran away but seconds later the wolf caught him too and the wolf ate Junior.