VCR Lesson 10

Paige Harrison 1B

Fill in the Blank

Since the man had agoraphobia, or the fear of being in crowded spaces, he decided to move from the city to the countryside where he became a _________________.
Horace Slughorn - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince [HD]


n. Someone who lives alone and avoids company; a hermit.


claudo, claudere, clausi, clausum <L. "to close"

re <L. "back," "again"






Alternate forms:

Reclusion, n.; reclusive, adj.

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Choose the sentence which uses the bold-faced word incorrectly.

A. Amanda was unable to face her neighbors so she remained a recluse inside of her home.

B. After his wife died, he moved into the mountains and became reclusive -- avoiding contact with the rest of the family.

C. Sandra, the recluse, looked forward to prom and started planning her huge after party months in advance.

D. After being exiled from France, he moved to the Swiss Alps to lead a life of reclusion.