Gamma Rays

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Gamma rays are extremely high-frequency radiation waves. The wavelength range is from 1-10. The frequency range is 3x10^19 and the velocity in a vacuum is 300,000,000m/s.


  • Gamma rays are used to kill cancer cells.
  • It travels at the speed of light.
  • When dealing with food, people use them to kill pesticides in their food.
  • Gamma Rays can release more energy than the sun.
  • Gamma Rays are produced in hot places or by a supernova.

Everyday applications:

GLAST (The Gamma Ray Large Area Space Telescope). A telescope made by NASA used to study high energy gamma ray sources in the universe.

Medical uses:

Gamma rays are also used for cancer treatment. Which is gamma radiation therapy.

Health Impacts:


  • Kills cancer cells
  • Stop cancer from spreading.


  • One can get radiation poisoning if exposed to too much of it.
  • If not used correctly can cause skin cancer.

Summary of article:

Early this year scientists detected gravitational waves most likely coming from the merger of two black holes all the way back in September. Scientists are now using NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope and saw a flash of gamma rays that happened less than one second after the gravitational wave. The outburst isn't linked to the first gravitational wave signal and scientist were not able to find its exact location. Scientists are now questioning that gamma rays can possibly be from somewhere else
NASA | What Are Gamma Rays?

Summary of video:

This video tell you what gamma rays are and gives you a brief overview on how they're made, used and many other descriptions.