Aventador Suit

Jorge Venegas

8 Characteristics of Life

1. Maintain Body: Aventador suit has titanium coat that separates inner organs from outer, the titanium coat is similar to human skin.

2. The suit goes from Lamborghini Aventador too Transformer in just a matter of seconds, one in transformer mode the suit can move in anyway possible it can jump high, run, flexible and very very strong, you could say its very athletic.

3. This suit reacts very fast to anything, especially when in danger, the computer (brain) of the suit sends signals to the body parts at super speeds.

4/5.Since the Aventador suit is also a Lamborghini, it ingests supreme gasoline through gas tank,it has a machine with sensors so that it fills itself up to never be empty.For digestion it requires an oil change everyday ( the suit does it on its own, and also fills up on its own)

6. The suit requires a daily oil change which he does on his own when nobody's around through a tube into an oil waste tank.

7. The suit has unlimited cells which reproduce immediately only when severely injured.

8.The suit grows when it feels endangered, so it'll be driving down the road then all of a sudden it'll turn into huge tranformer.

Survival Needs

1.Suit's main source of energy is supreme gasoline but the tranformer also like to digest fast food such as burgers, pizza, hot dogs and ice cream.

2.Aventador suit has a built in oxygen mask which allows it to breath fresh oxygen 24/7 no matter where or what the circumstances are.

3. For water the suit/transformer has a built in 25 gallon water tank that also refills on its own when ever it get low and turns into a 5 gallon water tank when in Lamborghini form

4. For body temperature the suit has K&N cold air intakes and many intercoolers to keep the system from overheating and heating patches around the system that use anti-freeze to allow it to preform at its best abilities during cold weather.

5.To keep the suits atmosphere pressure the system has gauges to regulate any pressure.