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Sense of contentment

Where is it so different? At least here the game is out in the open. The men, they do not pretend too much. I make friends with them. Even the Thai men. They trust me, but I know better than to trust them. I’ve learned how to win the game. She held up her imobiliare bucuresti little finger. I know how to wrap a man around my finger so he cannot escape. Until I want him to. Lisette smiled, small teeth glistening.

I had a strong feeling she had, indeed, learned to twist imobiliare bucuresti men around her little finger. I rarely had the dream anymore, but I did that night. I could feel myself being pulled under the water. No matter how I fought I couldn’t get my head above water. Until a loud, piercing scream made me bolt upright in bed. Reaching under my pillow for my flashlight, I shone the beam of light around the room. The door was closed. The only sound that of the waves, ceaselessly hitting the shore.

The light picked up the bottle of water on the table and I got up, padding bare foot across the room. Unscrewing the cap I tipped up the bottle and took a long swallow, the lukewarm liquid soothing the burning sensation in my throat. I crawled back into bed and covered my head with my t-shirt, trying to block out the sound of water beating mercilessly against the shore. The island was dangerous—my dream—a warning.

I needed to leave and go back home where I belonged. Back to the safety of my marriage before it was too late. NINE Early in the morning I waded into the ocean. In my dream the water had been slate gray with angry, swirling waves coming at me like gnashing teeth. Now, the surface of the aquamarine water seemed imobiliare bucuresti lit by tiny, sparkling waves, bobbing and nodding a playful invitation.

I had pulled the goggles over my head and when the water came up to my shoulders, I adjusted them to cover my eyes. Then, not allowing myself time to think, I took a deep breath and bent forward, squeezing my eyes shut. Immersing my face into the water. I opened my eyes, half expecting the goggles to be filled with water but, amazingly, I saw blue green water rippling up against the lens of the mask.

I looked down, surprised to see all the way to the bottom of the seabed where my feet were planted firmly in the sand. For a moment I almost forgot my fear, enthralled by my new discovery. Until I lifted my head out of the water and saw how far away the shore seemed. A rush of panic hit me, making me want to scream. Instead I forced myself to take several deep breaths until a sense of calmness enveloped me and, slowly, purposefully, I moved in the imobiliare bucuresti direction of the shore.

Reaching the spot where I had left my belongings I collapsed onto the warm towel spread out on the sand. My heart raced wildly, yet I couldn’t deny a feeling of elation. I had done it. I’d confronted my fear at my most vulnerable. If I left the island now, at least I’d leave on my own terms. I wouldn’t be forced away by my fears. Gathering my belongings, I covered the short distance to Noy’s restaurant where, with a renewed.

I sipped coffee imobiliare bucuresti and evaluated my options. I could go home and try to get my life back on track. But Seattle was dreary and no matter how much I wanted to believe Richard would rush home from Houston to join me, my rational side knew he wouldn’t return until he’d finished his project. I oberved the magnificence of my surroundings.