Game platform types

unit 36.1


The arcade game is a console that is 13 inches wide with a balck and white screen on the machine. The game has a joy stick that allows you to move the character on the screen and is has left and right rotational buttons as well as a fire and thrust buttons. The player playing this game would be in control of an on-screen spaceship and fight enemy flying saucers. games that you could play on the arcade were the last war which is a shooting game, yard fight which is a sports game the majority of the games played on arcade were sports and shooting games. For the arcade console there was already a game programed into the console so you were stuck playing one game you could not change the game. When arcade come out it was a big thing in them days however it did have its disadvantages one was that you could only play one game on it because it was programed into it, the size of it was a disadvantage because it was a big console so you could onle put it in certain places and keep it there because it was too big to move, even though it had colour it was block colour so the the colour was not great on it.


There are many different gaming consoles the main ones are Xbox, Play Station and Nintendo Wii. All three of these consoles are small compacted and is connected to the television unlike arcade the games are not built in so you can play more than one game on them and buy as many games as you want. These are some examples of games you can play on all three games are Call of duty, fifa although some of the games are restricted to that game console such as the kinect is resrticted to the Xbox you can only play it on that. The Wii Fit is resrticted to the Nintendo Wii you can only play that on there and the game the last of us is restricted to the playstation 3 you can only get the game for that console. all three consoles have different controllers. These gaming consoles allow you to play on different games there is not just one game you can play on however these consoles do have disadvantages you cannot upgrade the consoles you have to buy the new one and it does not work as well if more people are using the internet and you are online. You can buy the games for these consoles in different stores such as game, tescos and morrisons and many more.

Mobile (Iphone)

The Iphone can do many different things now to do with games because now you can download apps onto your iphone where you canplay many different some for free and some you have to buy. You can download as many apps as you want depending on the GB of your Iphone these are some games you can get on your Iphone Angrybirds, jelly splash, fifa, football manager. Some games are restricted to the Iphone you can only get them off the apple store. the way you get the game app is by downloading them off the apple store onto your phone and they are free or you have to buy it if you have to buy it says the price in a little box next to it and if it is free it will say free in a little box next to it. You do not have to go into an actual store to get them it is an online store you get the games from. An Iphone doesnt have a controller you control it with your fingers because it is touch screen so you just touch the game you want to play on and control the game with your fingers. Eventhough you can play games on your Iphone it does have disadvantages such as it your battery life goes down really quickly when playing on them and it takes up a lot of space on your Iphone making you delete some apps to fit more on.


In the past you could not really play games on the television you could only play on certain channels for example if you had sky you could press the red button on certain channels such as disney channel. If you pressed the red button on there you could play mini games. However modern televisions you can now play games on them for example the smart TV you can connect to the internet and play on games now. you have to use the remote control to control the games. you do not download games you can only play on games on the internet and they are for free. The disadvantages of using a television to play games is that you are limited to what games you play and you can only play computer games or games that are on certain channels.