World News

November 2013

Truss Systems

Ashlyn Szymanski

Steve Szymanski works at Truss Systems. He says every day and every job site is different. He went to Truss Systems for a career opportunity. For a chance to own his own business. Now he is a boss at Truss Systems. He became boss January 1, 2000.

Truss Systems is located in Littlechute, WI. He buys wood and cuts and drills it together. Then construction workers from another business put the house together.

The Bus Garage

Ashlyn Szymanski

Tracey Szymanski works at the Bus Garage as a "Transportation Cordinator."It is located in Pulaski, WI. Tracey wanted to work at the Bus Garage because it was close to home and she wanted to work for the school district. She also said she loves kids. Tracey's 1st day was April 1999. What Tracey does is she supervises all staff in transportation. Tracey also manages all the bus routes that go through... Pulaski, Chase, Sobieski, Pitsfeild, Angelica, Maple Grove, Green Valley, Hobart, and Krakow.

A.B.V.M Girls Basketball

Ashlyn Szymanski

Assumption B.V.M Girls basketball is starting! If you would like to come watch a basketball game come December 5, 2013. If you would like to watch a practice come any Monday or Thursday. We will be doing layups, shooting hoops, chest passes, bounce passes, playing sheepdog, practicing rebounding, relay races, shooting races, practice our d-fence and aw-fence and a lot more!!! We are doing these drills so we can get ready for our games. Good luck Assumption B.V.M girl Knights!

A visit to a Cematary

Ashlyn Szymanski

Kindergarten-5th Gr. Assumption B.V.M students walked to the Assumption B.V.M Cematary November 1, 2013. The students walked there to celebrate All Souls Day! Kindergarten partnered up with the 5th gr students. Then 2nd partnered up with 3rd gr. students. And 1st gr partnered up with the 4th gr students. Each student got 2 pieces of paper and 2 or 3 crayons. The partners would eather find somebody they knew that was buried or they would find a random person. Then the partners would hold the paper up to the name carved in the grave stone and start rubbing the crayon where the carving was and on then the name would appear on the paper. When the students got back it was time to eat lunch. The students were hungry!

Mariah Szymanski Playing PHS Girls Varsity Basketball

Ashlyn Szymanski

My sister Mariah Szymanski is a sophomore in high school. She is playing varsity basketball. Her 1st practice was November 18, 2013. She said she was doing a lot of scrimmaging. Her 1st real scrimmage againsed a different school is December 2, 2013. She loooooooves playing basketball for The Pulaski Red Raiders!