Thunder Dog

Discover the source of thunder

A little bit of Artemis

Have you ever wondered where thunder comes from? I bet you have wondered if it was Zeus having a bad day, well if so you are dead wrong. Artemis, you may think is a perfect beautiful goddess. We’ll let me tell you she is nowhere close. She stays up all night blows off her friends for a TV show, is late to anywhere she goes, and let me just say she is not very polite. Artemis one day was lonely, and decided that she wanted a dog. She not only wanted a dog to comfort her but one that would wake her up when she overslept. So she went to a pet store and asked the store clerk for one of the bests most loyal dogs they had.


“This dog’s name is Hunter, but I must warn you his bark is mighty loud, and is able to be heard all across the world.” “Yeah, yeah I got it just give me the dog.” ”Alright,” said the store clerk “but don’t say I did not warn you.” Hunter was a wide blue eyed dog with snow white fur that glimmered in the light of the day. The two of them walked in to her beautiful fragrant home. When you first walked in it smell of Pink Chiffon and the walls were intertwined with gold vines. Her bedroom was as tall as a sky scraper from the floor to the ceiling. There were long gold curtains surrounding her bed, and her window that let in the soothing warmth of the afternoon sun. Her house only made up of Gold and white colors.

An insight for a better visual

Training begins

After she got her dog she started training immediately. She had trained Hunter to bark and wake Artemis up based on her schedule. Her dog was now able to wake her up based on her schedule. It was the night before a very important test. Although Artemis new she needed to study her favorite show was on tonight. “Dancing with the stars” she could not help herself she had to watch it, it lasted from eleven to eleven thirty. After it was over she would study, this is what she told herself. It was twelve thirty seven and she had been watching reruns all night, and had not noticed. She was exhausted and was slowly fading away.

Thunder Struck

She woke to an ear bursting bark! It was Hunter his long lusty loud body that had come bolting in her bedroom. It was 6:15 exactly the time she Trained Hunter to wake her up. In minutes Artemis was awake and off with her daily routine, ready to take her test. After she got home she decided it was time to clean up her act, she sets here alarm everyday now after she gets home from running around

The Meaning Of Thunder

Artemis is a lot better about setting her alarm now. So when you’re looking out the window and you start to hear thunder, let that remind you that responsibility and organization will help you in the long run. But every once in a while you still here Hunter’s bark reminding her it is time to get up.