10 fast facts about crack


10 facts about crack

1- There are 2 forms of cocain, powder and crystalline.

2- About 35 million U.S citizens 12 years and older have experianced cocain and its effects

3- cocain is the 2nd most used drug in the world, the 1st being marijuana.

4- men are much more likely to use cocain than women are.

5- If a preganent women uses cocain while pregnent it can damage the babys brain and physical characteristics.

6- The most common age that abuses cocain is (18-25)

7- One gram of cocain can cost from 80 dolars to 100.

8- Crack is one of the most addictive drugs in the world

9- Crack became popular in the 1980's .

10- coco leaves are the source of pure cocain.