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Our company offers a wide range of travel places. Our most famous tour is the now on special trip to Santorini, Greece! We offer a relaxing, safe, unforgettable trip guaranteed every time!! We offer suggestions for activities of all ages.

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5 day tour throughout Santorini Greece. Explore throughout the beaches,

Stay in the luxurious Astra Suites which can also be referred to as the best hotel in Greece. A 4,000 value. This trip also includes travel airfare, breakfast buffet, and snacks throughout the 5 days. The grand total of this trip is 6,500. Come to Santorini and enjoy the relaxing beaches with the comfort only we can provide!

About the Destination

Santorini Greece is an island made up of complex islands called Cyclades. Santorini Island consists of semicircular archipelago of volcanic islands located on the southern Aegean sea. With a population of 15,550 you will rarely find a person fluent in English so it would be a good idea to keep a translated dictionary with you! July is the hottest month on average 79 degrees. The coldest month being January at 54 degrees. The currency used in Santorini is euros so you would need to exchange your money.

About the Destination (Things to do)

There are a variety of beaches including- Akrotiri, Imerovigil, Therasia. Historical sites include Ancient Thera. A water park is located in perissa, Greece for more entertainment. For educational purposes The Archaeological Museum of Thera is available. Faros Lighthouse is an incredible sight to see. Study abroad programs are available through certain universities. Outdoor activities include sailing, and kayaking. The sports of Santorini are mostly water baed sports including surfing, water boarding, and para sailing. Sightseeing spots are very easy to find in this beautiful city, though we recommend Nea Kameni, an inactive volcano in Santorini.

About the destination (Food)

A famous dish in Santorini is Saganaki which are spinach pies. Restaurants known to serve this famous dish and many others are Pitogyros, and Cava Alta.


-9:00 a.m. Greek breakfast buffet is served in the hotel.

-10:00 a.m. Visit to the Archaeological Museum of Thera.

-11:30 a.m. Visit the Nea Kameni at the perfect hour in day.

-12:30 p.m. Have lunch at the Cava Alta with their famous spinach pies.

-2:00 p.m. Surfing in one of the best beaches (Akrotiri).

-4:00 p.m. Take a donkey ride to the top of a mountain in Fira.

-6:00 p.m. Para sailing to view the sunset.

-8:30 p.m. Eat dinner at Pitogyros.

Contact Information

For more information contact Melissa Garcia and Christina Mendoza at (956)002-3567!!

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