Back Spasms and Spine Issues

By: Megan Roy

What are back spasms?

There are two systems affected with this condition, the skeletal system and the muscular system. A back spasm is when your muscles are so tight or torn in your lower back that it causes them to contract and contort very quickly which causes major pain. Back spasms can be very bad if you have no lumbar curvature in your spine or your hamstrings are very tight which in turn pulls your pelvis forward causing worse back spasms.
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Who does it affect?

It doesn't affect any specific type of people although usually people who don't do much physical exercise are more susceptible to it. Also people who have tight hamstrings and no lumbar curvature are very susceptible to back spasms

How Back spasms arise

Back spasms can be triggered by a back injury or happen because of no lumbar curve and tight hamstrings. Here are some reasons back spasms occur;

-poor posture

-weak abdominal muscles

-tight hamstrings muscles

-improper lifting techniques

The risk of having back spasms go up if you have any of these conditions

-a pelvis that tips forward

-any existing back problems EX: arthritis, disk rupture, or tumor etc.

-if you have lordosis

-wicked tight hamstrings

- the muscles on your spine are not flexible

-stomach muscles are weak

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How its diagnosed

Doctors can usually tell if you have no lumbar curve just by looking but occasionally they might test each vertebrae in your spine to see where you have no curve. After identifying the curves in your spine the doctor will ask if the pain was caused by injury followed by doing a few tests to see how the movement is in your spine. Sometimes an XRAY is necessary to detect actual back spasms.

Signs and Symptoms

If it is caused by an injury you will usually feel a pop or crack then loss of range of motion in your spine. If not you will just feel a very sharp pain in your back followed by tingling in your spine


Well a lot of physical therapy and sometimes ice or heat. Supposedly stretching your back muscles can prevent spasms.
Occasionally patients will have to take anti-inflammatory medication to stop the swelling of the tendons during a spasm

Prognosis and Connections

Back spasms are not fatal and can be cured with physical therapy and stretching so they are nothing to worry about. I chose back spasms because I personally have them as well as tight hamstrings, no lumbar curvature, and swollen back spasms


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