Athena / Minerva

Goddess of Wisdom and War

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About Athena

  • Also known as Athene,
  • she is a Greek Goddess and one of the most important major Olympian gods.
  • She was a patron of handcrafts and urban arts, especially spinning and weaving.
  • Her father, Zeus, swallowed her mother whole and Athena grew from his body.
  • She created the very first olive tree.

Athena's personality

  • Brave
  • Fierce
  • Wise

Athena's Symbols

  • The Owl
  • The Olive Tree


  • Zeus - father
  • Siblings - Aphrodite, Apollo, Ares, Artemis, Hebe, Hermes, Persephone.
  • She never married.
  • Zeus's favorite daughter


  • Wisdom - when it comes to war, she always knows what to do.
  • Power - she is one of the most powerful gods in the universe.
  • Peacemaker - she was able to sort of many wars because of her diplomatic skills.


  • Wasn't Emotional - she didn't like to show her feelings, especially with men.
  • Uncompassionate
  • Insanely Jealous - although she didn't show them, Athena definitely had feelings. Jealousy was one of them. She mostly got jealous when she thought people were more powerful than her.

More Facts About the Goddess

  • Zeus's favorite daughter
  • Zeus swallowed her mother whole or some say she didn't even have a mother.
  • She might have had hundreds of siblings.
  • She was a shapeshifter.


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