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Examination for postgraduate students – May/June 2010


The marks for this paper constitute 60% of the total marks for the course. This is intended to be used only for essay help purposes and not to be resold. We have plenty of custom essays for purchase.

Answer THREE questions.

1. “Although Muslims are regularly and forcefully enjoined to treat their fellow men with respect and dignity, the bases for these injunctions are not human rights but divine commands which establish only duties.” (Donnelly)

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2. “The OIC Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam is a dubious means of watering down international human rights guarantees by Muslim States.”

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3. Critically analyse the main points of divergence and convergence in conceptions of women’srights under Islamic law and international human rights law, with referenceto relevant classical fiqh provisions and their reform and codification in contemporaryMuslim states.

4. “Freedom of expression is not an absolute concept under both Islamic law and international human rights law.”

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5. Critically analyse the main areas of difference and tension between Islamic law and International human rights law with particular reference to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989) and the OIC Covenant on the Rights of the Child in Islam (2004).

6. “The right to appoint and to communicate with counsel of one's own choice, as protected under international human rights law, has become imperative today underIslamic law."


7. Critically analyse the main points of convergence and divergence in the concept of minority rights under Islamic law and international human rights law, with reference to the practice in any TWOMuslim States of your choice. Our custom essays are divided from the grades 1stClass and 2:2 standard.

8. “Today some Muslim States have domestic laws, based on traditional Islamic law, regulating proselytizing, heresy and apostasy, which impact directly or indirectly on the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion in those States.”

Discuss with reference to any TWO Muslim States of your choice.

9. Critically analyse the possible mechanisms through which human rights enforcement can best be realised in modern Muslim States. Our essay help services will write 1st Class essays for you.

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