Lewis & Clark

By:Jamya Hampton


Lewis & Clark are important to our u.s history because their expedition and discovery of new territory.Thomas Jefferson sent Lewis & Clark in 1803 to discover the west.Lewis & Clark were able to send thing to Thomas Jefferson. Lewis & Clark are important to our history.

Why were they hired

Thomas Jefferson chose Lewis because he was a outdoors man. Lewis chose his friend Clark because he served in the us army. Thomas Jefferson sent out a expedition to explorers the new territory,he chose Lewis & Clark.

The Expedtion

The expedition took 200 year about (863 days). They traveled 8,000 miles. Thomas Jefferson wanted Lewis & Clark to discover the west.

How long did it take for the journey

In 1803 the presdient purchase the louisana territory.Thomas Jefferson ask Lewis & Clark to discover the west.


Lewis & Clark traveled west. Lewis & Clark are known as famous explores.They are important to our us history.Lewis & Clark got done with the journey in 1806 and it took a few year to start and finshis
Lewis and Clark

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