Like Free Stuff?

Host an Essential Oil Class!!

Hosting a class is easy and FUN!

All you have to do is choose a date and location and invite your friends! We can have your class in your home or at a public location like a coffee shop, wine bistro, or cafe, or even online. I will work closely with you to ensure your class is a great success by guiding you with invitations and incentives for guests to attend your event, and I'll also provide samples and prizes to share with your guests. I will bring all of the materials for your class and promise to make the event incredibly fun and educational for everyone attending!

Earn a kit if your class sales reach the qualified total!

I reward my hosts!

  • All hosts receive a booking gift for keeping their date and having at least 1 guest!
  • Earn a bonus booking gift when two classes are booked (and kept) from your class!
  • You can earn essential oil kits based on enrollment orders from guests or referrals received before your event closes.
  • Enrollment orders and bookings must be from guests new to doTERRA only; current members or those working/enrolling/booking with another consultant cannot count.

Frances Rabon, doTERRA Silver Wellness Advocate

Phone: (614) 357-8617


Instagram/Twitter/Periscope: @EssentiallyFran