By Si Mattox

Milan's importance to the renaissance

  • Milan was a power house ruled by dukes
  • Milan was very strong militarily
  • the dukes who ruled Milan created stability in the nearby area

Milan's History

Milan was placed strategically at the gate to the Italian peninsula, it was a military powerhouse and was ruled by the Visconti family of dukes, in 1471 Galeazzo Sforza of Milan cemented relations with Madichi, and later used this influence to gain the services of the one of the most famous men of the renaissance, Leonado Devinchi. Devinchi a few years later laid out a list skills he could offer the duke in designing multiple things.

Milan's important/famous people

  • the Visconti family (ruled as dukes)
  • Sforza family

Milan's contributions too the renaissance

they were a military powerhouse at the entrance to the Italian peninsula so they could stop or allow anyone who entered or exited the place, they also dominated the Po river valley.