This is a design that is made for the class DT design

Assessment for design

We are to create a range of design which fits to the requirements and then pick one design out of all of the designs that we had created.


This is my design four. This design has got many things that are required in the design specification because there are many emergency exits and also there are eye wash center, eye wash and fire extinguisher. There is also a display area, locker for students to keep their bags and there is a big space for work.


I have decided to choose design four because the area and the space is big so I think that it is going to be very easy for students to be working in the DT room which has got this type of design. I believe that it is going to be safe since it has met the requirements of the design specification since they have got metal working area, display area, shower area and different types of emergency areas such as the eye wash Center, hand wash area, fire extinguisher and and many showers. The door is made from glass which is going to be easy because it saves lots of electricity and allows sunlight to go in the room. There is a locker area for students to be keeping their bags so that it will be remain in a safe area. The truck loading area connects to the storage room which makes things very easy.