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Week of March 31, 2020

A Message From Principal Grey

Dear Grant Community,

Happy first week of distance learning! I am hearing many stories of success, challenge, excitement, compassion, flexibility, and perseverance: all experiences and values that we want for our students and are now finding their ways to families during this time.

To the parents and guardians of our students learning from home-I would like to extend a sincere thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to this new experience. I know that when you started this school year, you were not anticipating having such an involved role in your children's school day. Thank you for all that you are doing to support your students in staying engaged and successful with their school work. Remember, there is no perfect or "right" way to do this. Each family will have a different experience and find strategies that will work for them. Please also remember that we are here for you as a staff to help, adjust and problem-solve.

Above all else, our priority is the social, emotional and physical health of our students and families during this time. While it is critical that our students stay engaged academically and continue to learn, it is even more important that they feel connected and safe during a very unsettling time in our world. Please let me know if there is anything we can do to provide support for you and your students. We are here for you, shamrocks.


Ms. Grey

Support our Grant Families

We know that it's rough owning a business right now and we want to rally our Grant school community to help. We are keeping a running list of Grant family owned businesses that could use some support. If you're going to spend your money, you might as well spend it where it will do some good close to home. Here are some of the businesses we'd love to support: (Home delivery)

Luma Fitness

Jeremy King, realtor

Brewsters - doing take out and curbside pick up


Cucina Paradiso (donated to our Grant auction) doing take out

Sugo (donated to our Grant auction) doing take out

(Know of other Grant businesses we should have on the list, please email

And...if you're a Grant family finding yourself in financial trouble with layoffs and uncertain income, we'd like to help. Please contact Principal Grey

Grant Birthday Brigade

We know the kids celebrating birthdays during the quarantine are not able to have parties with anyone other than their immediate families, so we're hoping the Grant Birthday Brigade will help bring a little joy. We'll post your child's picture, pending your approval, and a birthday message on the Grant Facebook page. The hope is that it will be like a big birthday card for everyone to sign via comments. Then, we'll roll by your house in a mobile birthday parade after arranging a time with you. There's honking, waving and singing...maybe some hollering happy birthday, but no getting out of the car to visit. We'll put out a birthday parade schedule so you can sign up if you'd like to join in some of the parades as well. Please contact, or to make sure your birthday kid gets some love.

Grant Outdoor Facilities are Currently Closed

This is a friendly reminder that all school playgrounds, parks, and other outdoor facilities (e.g. tennis courts, tracks, etc.) are closed under the Governor’s current executive order until further notice. Thank you and take care.

Mindfulness Sessions with Ozlem- Reserve your Spot!

Join our wonderful school mindfulness instructor, Ozlem, for a 15-minute mindfulness check-in. She will connect with our students 1:1 online, and practice mindfulness with some
simple movement. There is no cost. Here is the link to book a session!

Calendly link:

What to Expect:
+ Fun and interactive activities for kids such as mindful movement,
breathing and more
+ 15 minutes of mindfulness and a restful break from the business of daily life
+ Best for all grades, siblings, and parents are welcome.

Mindfulness means maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our
thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment –
with openness and curiosity. It has a variety of research-backed
impacts, including a reduction in stress, and improvements in
emotional regulation, and focus. It is a great way to create a
positive daily routine.

Yearbook - Pictures Desperately Needed

With the massive disruptions and closures of schools this spring, we think this will be the most looked at yearbook ever with how much time many students have spent apart from their friends.

We have some helpful guides so your students will still have the ability to get their yearbooks and share signatures even if your signing days are canceled or your school is closed.

First - Our Grant Yearbook Coordinator is desperate for pictures. With end of year events canceled, we need your photos more than ever. Please log on to and upload shots of your class parties, jogathon, whatever. Thank you so much for pitching in.

TreeRing will help guide you through:
Shipping books to home (we can do it!)
Signing Yearbooks (can be done online!)
You can still purchase a yearbook (log on and begin your purchase and utilize the 2 free custom pages)
If your school will be closed for the rest of the school year, or your local social distancing mandates will keep you from being able to distribute yearbooks to your families, we have an available Ship-to-Home option. Please be sure you have your mailing address in your account information.

Signing Yearbooks (can be done online!)

With school closures and shelter-in-place directives becoming the new normal, yearbook signing days at your school may not happen this year. Not to worry! TreeRing has had the Signatures feature available for a while now which allows students to e-sign each other's books. The instructions are easy and you can work with your parents and students to have them sign each other's books!
Sending & Requesting Signatures
Adding Signatures to Custom Pages

The Yearbook Cover Contest continues. Students can send their artwork by taking a photo of it and uploading it to Deadline for submissions is now April 17th.

Big picture
Big picture

In the Thank You Column:

  • Thank you to all of our Grant teachers for working to put together "distance learning" programs quickly. We appreciate your work and all of your guidance.
  • Many thanks to Grant staffers who worked so hard to organize the bags of items needed at home and passed them out in front of school last week: Sarah Gangidino, Norma Ortega, Shantina Willits, Shelby Willits, Kim Shoemaker, Francisco Rabanales and Amanda Grey.

  • At A Glance


    April 17 & 18 - Mary Poppins in the Shamrock Theater (Multi) - Potentially Being Made Via Video

    April 30-Band and Chorus Music Concerts-On Hold


    May 1 - Volunteer Breakfast - On Hold

    May 14 - Grant Open House - Canceled

    May 18-22 - Spring Book Fair - May be done online - more information coming

    May 27 - 6th Grade Celebration - Old Hold

    May 29 - Last Day of School