Lumos to Geometry

The Wizard Way to Geometry

Harry Potter: Theme Song (Hedwig's Theme)

Expecto Patronum to all that Geometry

There is so many shapes and angles in this world, you would expect that the muggles would forget about them. No, they didn't because of wonderful wizards! And now you are learning about this whole crazy complex unit for math. Hey, don't regret it, that is life, deal with it.

The Perfects, Head boys, and ANGLES!

Obtuse Angle- Measures greater than 90 degrees and less than 180 degrees.

Acute Angle- Measures Greater than 0 degrees and less than 90 degrees.

Right Angle- Measures exactly 90 degrees.

Straight Angle- Measures exactly 180 degrees and is a straight line.

Like the Sorting Hat, you sort the angles.

Our potions and quadrilaterals!

Trapezoid- Quadrilateral and has exactly one pair of parallel sides.

Square- Quadrilateral, all angles are right angles, opposite sides parallel, and all sides congruent. A square is under a polyjuice potion, because it has different identities. It is always a special rectangle and rhombus!

The Golden Snitch, plus triangles!

Right Triangles- Has one right angle and 2 acute angles.

Obtuse Triangles- Has one obtuse angle and two acute angles.

Acute Triangles- Has three acute angles.

Scalene Triangle- Has zero congruent sides and angles.

Isosceles Triangle- Has two congruent sides and angles.

Equilateral Triangle- Has three congruent sides and angles.

Find the way on the Marauder's Map and Missing Angles.

The sum of all quadrilaterals is 360 degrees. You add all the angles up that you already have, then subtract the sum from 360 degrees. But first classify the angle.

The sum of all triangles is 180 degrees. Classify the angle, then add all of the angle measurements you already have and subtract it from 180 degrees.

TeacherTube - Know Your Quadrilaterals

A Quadrilateral video, if you didn't understand muggle!


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