Being A Mechanic

Getting into the trades

Job Description

Perform regular maintenance on vehicles, replace parts, troubleshoot problems, diagnose vehicle, and repair mechanical problems.


Mechanics are on a flat rate pay system and usually make anything from $45,000 to $75,000 a year.

Candidates For This Job

Anyone looking to pursue this as a career should be interested in vehicles and how they run and should be comfortable with working in small awkward spaces as well as have good co-operation and customer service skills.


You must have graduated secondary school and either be doing an apprenticeship or attending a college program both for a minimum of 3 years.

Secondary School Courses

Recommended courses to take for this career path would be an automotive or shop class as well as having your Gr.12 math credit is a strong recommendation.

Post-Secondary Schools

Many automotive shops in your area will be willing to do an apprenticeship and would be able to give you all the information you need to know about schooling. If your deciding to do it through a college course outside of an apprenticeship there are trades schools all over Ontario in Toronto, Brampton, London and many more.

Cost Of Education

Along the higher end schooling programs the tuition and everything you will need is around $27,000 but usually with an apprenticeship the employer will pay a portion of the schooling costs.

Short On Money?

If you do not have the money to put yourself through schooling you can apply for a student loan to help pay your way or even talk to an employer that may pay your entire way through schooling or at least until you have enough money banked to support yourself.

Related Doors To Be Opened

Having a trade under your belt means that no matter where you go you will always be specialized in that trade, and open doors with bigger companies to make more money and a better name for yourself.