Biotechnology: Agriculture

By: Kaylin Mamon

Agriculture 1

Genetically crops, fruits, and vegetables can contain protein and those things can turn into vaccines and medicine.

Agriculture 2

Plants that are grown can make antibiotics for humans and animals.

Agriculture 3

Egg shells, onions skins, banana peels, grass clippings, and much more can be turned into nutrient rich soil that can help plants grow

Agriculture 4

There is more to Biotech: Agri than fighting disease it can also help plants that are deformed grow better than before.

Agriculture 5

It plays a big role in biofuel providing raw material for bio-oil, bio-diesel,and bio-ethanol.

Agriculture 6

Food biotechnology help makes better tasting and healthier food.

Agriculture 7

This future type of biotechnology will help us and it grow across the world. It will give everyone a nutritional benefit and reduce the environmental impact for agriculture.