May 15, 2020

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Message from the Principal

Prairie Families,

This is my last week at Prairie. I have enjoyed my 8 weeks of being a virtual principal. I have to say, your Prairie staff is rather remarkable. Their commitment to student learning is evident by their drive to give teaching their all EVERYDAY, and they work so very, very hard to deliver engaging, relevant learning opportunities. This is my eighth school in the School District of Waukesha that I have been connected with either as principal or parent, and I am always impressed by the level of professionalism of Waukesha staff. You have a gem here with a VERY committed staff! My last day is Monday; after that Mrs. Solberg will be back in the saddle!

Attached below is Prairie’s Student Supply Pick Up plan. Supplies are scheduled to be picked up on May 26 & 27. Please adhere to the schedule. We have worked hard to create a plan that will be safe for both the staff and families. If you are unable to pick up at your assigned time, please e-mail Mrs. Anderson and she will schedule you accordingly.

Mrs. Gannon

Acting Prairie Principal

Pick Up of Student Supplies

Appointed Times May 26 & 27

Below are the dates and times for pick up of student supplies. Please follow the instructions below to maximize safety, minimize waiting time and help us with a smooth, organized process.

  • This will be set up as a drive through curbside pick up in the front parking lot. No one will be allowed to leave their cars for everyone’s safety.

  • If you intend to walk to school, please meet our staff at Door 2 on the kindergarten playground and wait at the designated spot. Social distancing guidelines will need to be followed, and children will not be allowed to play on the playground.

  • Your child/ren’s supplies from their classroom, artwork, Step it Up prizes, yearbook (if ordered) and any medications from the health room will be included in their bag.

  • Please assemble any library books, books in a bag, and other classroom materials to bring with you to be returned to us.

  • Before arriving, please write your child/ren’s first and last name and grade on a large piece of paper in big bold letters.

  • Upon arriving, you will be greeted by a member of our staff who will take your name and radio it to staff in the gym who will be pulling your bags.

  • Next you will stop by the office front doors to return any library books and school materials mentioned above to the staff member there.

  • You will then proceed to the end of the front driveway (near the bike racks). Please hold up your name sign again, and another staff member will safely bring your bags to your car. You may pop your trunk if you’d like them put in the trunk.

  • If you did not preorder a yearbook and wish to purchase one, there are a limited number available for $12.00, cash only. Please contact Mrs. Anderson and one will be held for you on a first-come, first-serve basis. You would pay at the library book drop off station by the front doors.


Tuesday, May 26

12:30-3:00 p.m.

Last Names A-F

Tuesday, May 26

4:00-6:30 p.m.

Last Names G-K

Wednesday, May 27

10:00-12:30 a.m.

Last Names L-R

Wednesday, May 27

1:30- 4:00 p.m.

Last Names S-Z

We do understand that these times may not work in your schedule and that you may need to come during another time slot. These are set up as guidelines to help the flow. If neither day works, please email Mrs. Anderson at for additional times after these dates. Materials not picked up by June 15th will be discarded.

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Parents Monitoring WebEx Teams at Home

The images below explain how you can see the spaces on your child’s Webex Teams account. Again, if you see spaces that do not contain a teacher, you should have your child remove the space. Details on how to do this are below.

To remove your child from a space, simply swipe the name of the space to the left, click on the more, and then click on “leave space.”

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PTA News

Hope you are all well and healthy! We miss seeing all of you. We are working to get the next school year squared away as normally we would be holding regular PTA meetings and voting for the upcoming year. Below are the positions that are currently filled as well as what is open. We are looking to fill some positions and would love to have some new people join us! If you are interested, please e-mail We are planning to hold a zoom meeting June 11th to vote on next years positions.

Positions Filled:

President-Whitney Brown

Executive Vice President- Doug Paczesny

Secretary- Carrie Schuett

Treasurer- George Deleon

Open Positions- An elect position would give you time to learn the position for the upcoming year before filling the position.

President Elect

Secretary Elect

Treasurer Elect

Social Emotional Learning

This week, students learned about processing the feelings associated with missing their friends. While students are learning virtually at home, social relationships can be one of the things they miss the most. For all of us, it can be an emotional challenge when we no longer have that social connection. The SEL lessons during Community Circle focused on paying attention to and accepting those feelings. While it is important for students to learn and practice applicable coping strategies, we also wanted to encourage them and their parents to think of creative ways to stay in touch with friends. Students were encouraged to connect with their families during times when they miss their friends, keep busy with other hobbies or activities, and use appropriate means to connect to friends. Students can use personal electronic devices through FaceTime, texting, calling, or other social media platforms to communicate. It is important for students to communicate with their parents too, to make sure they are using safe and appropriate methods.

Included here are a few resources to help your child cope with feelings of loneliness or missing friends:

Loneliness Social Story

How to Help Kids Connect with Friends During Social Distancing

5 Tips to Help Children Stay Socially Connected, Even While Apart

This week's SEL challenge:

*If you feel sad about missing a friend, share those feelings with a parent or trusted adult.

*Choose one way to safely connect with a friend while social distancing

Summer School Updates

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Please email Mrs. Anderson in the office ( if you have moved or anticipate moving in the near future. We are working to keep our enrollment information for next year as up to date as possible.

Breakfast and Lunch Pick Up Available

Please see below for the details locations of breakfast and lunch pick up. This is available to ALL children under the age of 18.
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Blessings in a Backpack

See below for details of an additional resource available to all School District of Waukesha families.
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Waukesha Public Library Update

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Prairie Trick Shot Challenge 2020

Hi Prairie Families,

In these challenging times, I thought some of the students at Prairie might enjoy a FUN challenge. The challenge was to come up with a trick shot using any type of ball or item that they may have at home. Many have taken the challenge and sent me their videos, which I would like to share with everyone. It is so fun to see how creative they can be when they are given the opportunity and I hope that you enjoy the video.

Prairie Trick Shot Challenge

If this inspires anyone to take the challenge, as it did for Mr. Haynes' and Mrs. Ferguson’s family, please send me your video and I will update this movie in a couple of weeks.

Have fun,

Mr. Booth

Technology Assistance

If you are in need of technical support during this time, please go to: This page also includes a link to the Virtual Help Desk which is being monitored by our support team.

Learning Outdoors

Our Environmental Education Department has created a weekly newsletter entitled "Learning Outdoors". Each week we will provide a few small learning or just for fun activities to engage students in nature and outdoor play.

Fox 6 Educational Programming

FOX 6 is offering educational programming on Monday through Friday at noon. The station will be airing a variety of Xploration shows. These half-hour programs are designed to inspire kids to become interested in STEM and may provide some fun and interest for families.

Here is a link to programming information:

Playworks "Play at Home"

Playworks has launched a virtual recess. It will happen 3 times a day (11am, 1pm, 3pm), Mon-Fri through Facebook live! All you have to do is like Playworks on Facebook and log on and follow along!

Do you want to play right now? Check out this link for youtube videos to all of our favorites as well as a bunch of play resources:

It is a great way for our students to break up the day, get moving, and refocus for learning! Do you have a favorite game? Take pictures and tag with #PlayAtHome or #PlayworksAtHome to teach other people your family's favorite!

*Air High Five* Coach Courtney

Message from Mr. Endsley, School Psychologist

Our school psychologist, Andrew Endsley, will be available to support families, students, and staff. Students can schedule a virtual meeting with Andrew, by clicking here. To explore a variety of student services resources, please see the Student Services Google Classroom (Join Class with student email account; Class code: 7454aar). Mr. Endsley will be available to virtually meet with individual families and students on an ongoing basis. For any questions regarding resources for COVID-19, attendance, parent resources, anxiety and mental health supports, or any other student services matter, Andrew can also be reached at (262) 970-4152 or