By:Savannah Calhoun

What is Hinduism?

  • Hinduism is one of the oldest religions in humanity
  • Hinduism is the religion of the Indian people
  • Hinduism is a philosophy and a way of life
  • The people worship in the homes, temples, they make offerings
  • The hindus worship Brahma which is the creator god, Vishnu the preserver god, Shiva the god of constructive destruction, Saraswati which is the goddess of wisdom, Lakshmi the goddess of good fortune

How did Hinduism begin?

  • There was not really a particular person who found the religion
  • It was the Indus River Valley civilization which was 5000 years ago

The Verdic Tradition

  • This was established 3500-2500 years ago
  • It had rituals and many gods (polytheism)
  • Sacred Texts (vedas)
  • social stratification (caste system)

What do the people of the Hinduism religion believe?

  • They believe in karma which is spiritual impurity due to actions keeps us bound to this world (good and bad)
  • Reincarnation where atman is continually born into the world lifetime after lifetime
  • The believe in a ultimate personal reality named Brahman


Hindus have their own way of living life

  • They respect all life
  • Human life is a supreme
  • They have the four stations of life- priests and teachers, nobles and warriors, merchant class, servant class
  • Four stages of life- student,householder, retired, renunciant
  • Four duties of life- Pleasure, success, social responsibilities, and religious responsibilities