Professional Development

2016 - 2017

The Purpose of Professional Development

Whatever the term, the purpose is the same — to improve learning for educators and students. Educators who do not experience effective professional development do not improve their skills, and student learning suffers. requirements, and are employed, they learn through experience.

-excerpt from Why Professional Development Matters

August 2016 Professional Development

Special Needs Session

The Special Education Department always does a great job with explaining the terms of accommodations and providing ideas for best practices to assist students. From reducing assignments, to the guidelines for implementing the accommodations were discussed. This session is a great way to begin the semester, as the number of students with accommodations we serve is rising. I did learn more ways to look at ways how to reduce coursework for students as a modification.
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Office Mix Session

The features and benefits of Office Mix was introduced. I am a big PowerPoint person, so Office Mix is a wonderful way to bring your PowerPoint to life and make them more interactive. The sample provided has definitely sparked my interest on how to incorporate this into lessons and in my courses. Although this is not yet available for Mac users, I am anticipating when this will be released for the Mac platform!
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Yammer PD

I was excited to learn more about the Yammer platform for communicating and collaborating within our organization. As we transitioned from Edmodo to Yammer, this PD was much needed to help me feel comfortable with the change. Since GaVS started using O365, Yammer was a great addition, since it was an addition to the Office 365 platform.
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Quiz Corrections

The new process for submitting quiz corrections was introduced and outlined. This is a more efficient way to streamline the process and insure that students are given accurate feedback upon assessing their knowledge.
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September 2016

Gamifcation PD

One of the ways to engage students is utilizing the synchronous sessions. In this PD, different games and ideas were introduced to engage students within the synchronous sessions. This was a great way to get students excited about attending sessions and also a fantastic way for them to interact and learn concepts.
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November 2016

Twitter PD

The Twitter PD was very informative and another great way to connect with students using social media. Since social media is very popular in today's culture, Twitter is a very profound tool to use to engage students within the online environment. I did learn a few new things regarding being more efficient with twitter.
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September 2016

Eportfolio Week PD

The guidelines/requirements, organization, and other helpful tips on successfully creating an ePortfolio was addressed. I personally love putting together the ePortfolio, as it is a way to reflect and also show areas of growth from the previous year.
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December 2016

Grade Reporting

At the end of the semester, one of the main tasks is to report grades for our students. This PD session is a reminder of the procedures and steps that need to occur to ensure a smooth transition for grades to be reported to individual schools for students.
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March 2017

Quiz Retake and Procedures PD

This session focused on procedures and steps for allowing quiz retakes or 2nd attempts. The presenters went over how to view the quiz log to successfully determine if students should be granted a retake, among a number of other important points to ensure that teachers are following guidelines.
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Transfer Students

This session addressed a common questions among teachers regarding when students are transferred into a course with a pre-existing grade. The protocol and procedures from the handbooks along with a few tricks and tips were presented for the process of handling transfer students.
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May 2017

Tool Bootcamp

This PD session highlighted the steps to successfully complete TOOL. As an early verifier of TOOL, it was informative to see some of the additions and changes made to make the course more efficient and engaging for participants.
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April 2017

New Tools