Mardicia Lowery

8.L.1.1 & 8.L.1.2

The relation between parasite,bacteria,fungi,and virus is that they all can be transmitted by air and by touch. You can prevent from getting one of the microorganism disease by washing your hand after the bathroom and preparing food. Do not share personal items with each other. Another way is to travel wisely this can cut down a lot on getting ill.

The different is pandemic and epidemic is that an epidemic is when a sickness spread locally and great number have it. A pandemic is when the sickness is world wide when the sickness is spread global.


What is microbiology? Microbiology is a type of science that deals with microorganism. It can be Bacteria,parasites,Fungi,and virus.


A virus can not been seen with the naked eye and is non-living. A virus can reproduce by a living host cell which gives it nutrients. They are unable to reproduce with out a host cell.

The virus will attack healthy cells by inserting its genetic material into its host and taking over the host functions. How can a virus be prevented is by vaccines and can be treated with antibiotics.

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Fungi is a type of microorganism. Fungi reproduce by producing spores like if someone has the spores on a hair brush and some one uses the hair brush you can get the fungus. They attack the tissue of the living. It will attack by attacking the surface of the body.
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