Join the Inca

What Are We All About

If you Join the Incas you are not mistaken, we have plenty to offer. We have a range of social class, Mountain ranges of 2,500 miles, and roads to connect the empire.

Natural Barriors

When you Join the Inca you will have a 100% chance to be able to say "The Andes Mountains are in my Empire"

That's not all if you like oceans you will have a wide range of the Pacific ocean in the Empire you will be living in.

Every Day tasks or Jobs

If you were a commoner you would either a farmer or part of a Herd. Sometimes you could be a Nobel but there are different ranks of a Nobel the highest rank Nobel was the Capac Inca but you would have to be related to the Emperor. Some jobs or tacks Incas would have to do are to send messages to stay in contact by giving messages to a messagers and had a a system like the game telephone.


As an Inca the Inti god is the most important god We have a carnival every four years to dedicate the sun god you must throw corn in a fire to encourage the sun to apperar