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Seeding Out The Details

Strawberries are 2-5 inches long, soft, red, plump and heart-shaped. At the peak of ripeness, they are usually bright red, though it varies with different varieties. They are sweet and juicy, and the seeds are found on the outside of the berry. On average, every strawberry has 200 seeds. Good strawberries have a fresh smell and are plump.

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LET US PRODUCE carries the most extensive varieties and the best quality of strawberries! Strawberries are classified as a berry, and there are close to 600 different varieties. Some examples of those varieties are:


Albions have darker fruit color, both internally and externally, and a consistently sweeter flavor than most strawberries.


Aromas have large, firm fruit has great flavor, with good color and a bright sheen.


Everbearers are large and bright scarlet red, have firm flesh, plenty of juice, and a delightful sweet flavor.

Garden Strawberry

Garden Strawberries are the most common U.S. variety. It is a large, hardy berry that has a recognized traditional strawberry flavor.

Nutritious and Delicious!

Strawberries are an excellent source of vitamin C, and just 100 grams of strawberries contains a days worth of it!

The seeds covering the outside are rich in dietary fiber.

They are also a good source of folate, a B vitamin.

Strawberries are naturally sweet because of fructose, nature's sugar.

Common Ways To Cook

Tasty Recipes

Berry Interesting

According to the USDA, strawberries are the third most valuable (non-citrus) fruit crop grown in the US, behind grapes and apples.

Strawberries were one of Thomas Jefferson’s favorites; he grew the fruit at his Virginia estate, Monticello.

Current research suggests that eating just 8 strawberries a day can improve heart health, lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation, reduce the risk of cancers and even improve cognitive function.

The American Indians introduced the Colonists to strawberries. The crushed berries were mixed with cornmeal and baked into bread. After trying this bread, Colonists developed their own version of the recipe and created Strawberry Shortcake.