3 for Thursday

March 12, 2015

1. Tiny Tap

TinyTap is a fantastic free iPad app and Android app for building fun and interactive review games. With the app you can create games based on pictures, diagrams, videos, and icons. Be a maker! Teach and learn by making personalized learning apps and playing others created daily by superstar educators, experts, and publishers worldwide! Thanks to Rosie Fowler for sharing this awesome resource!

2. Seesaw

Seesaw makes it possible for students (as young as 5!) to independently create, capture, and store artifacts of learning in their private learning journal. Students can add text and voice recordings to journal items to reflect and explain. Invite parents by sending home a personalized handout that only gives access to their child’s journal - no parent emails required. Seesaw journals are organized by student and accessible from anywhere, on any iOS device or on the web. Teachers can approve items before they are added. Your free teacher account allows you to keep journals for all of your students and add an unlimited number of items.
Seesaw - The Learning Journal - Demo Video

3. Rigorous, Applied Learning

Rather than a third resource, I couldn't resist sharing this article and infographic that I recently found on Mind/Shift. Mind/Shift is an incredible blog from public radio and television that offers inspirational and thought-provoking articles on the future of education. In Steps to Create the Conditions for Deep, Rigorous, Applied Learning I find a synopsis of so many things that our school and district believe in and stand for. Culture, collaboration, rigor, the 4 Cs, real-life learning, and college and career readiness....it's all here!


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