Civil War Book Club Project

Stephen Ryan 4/19/15

Slopes of War VS The Battle of Gettysberge website

Similarities of The book and website

The book and websites are similar in many ways. Both the book and websites both have dates of battle. They also have the names of battle, and facts about the battles.


Book: Slopes of War

The book is different from the website because the book has more talks about the towns foks. The book also hasmaps and talks about how the towns people gave food to soldiers during a battle. The book also includes maps of battles and tells from different points of view.
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Gettysberge Website

The website is different from the book because it talks about how many Union soldiers and Confederate soldiers went to the hostpitle. The website also say when the first shot of the battle was fired. The website is also different fromthe book because it also talks about hospitals.