Lincoln Agenda

September 19-23, 2016

What's Happening....

STAR continues....

Monday, 9/19

midterm ends

8:05 SIP Meeting

12:15 1st grade meeting

3:30 case conference - Jenny, Ashleigh, Melissa

Tuesday, 9/20

8:05 advocacy meeting

input grades

Melissa out of the Building for PD

Wednesday, 9/21

print deficiency reports

8:05 SIP Meeting

8:05 Treehuggers

9:00 5th Grade Mapping

9:00 Melissa meets with Denise from admin

3:00 504 meeting - Melissa, Kendra, Alyssa

Thursday, 9/22

send home deficiency reports

8:05 - case conference - Denise J, Melissa, Dayanna

8:05 Collab - Ashleigh & grade 4

9:00 4th grade mapping

1:00 - case conference - Denise J, Melissa, Marcie

6:30 - Night Out with the Superintendent at Jane Ball

Friday, 9/23- Jeans Day

Deb Meekma out today - Maker Space PD

8:05 grade level chair meeting

Committees & Meeting Schedule

The meeting schedule will finally take on a routine in October. We have some mandated meetings that had to be fit in at the beginning of the year. Here is the schedule that will be maintained as much as possible.

Click here to add names to the list for STAR makeups.

Makeups for STAR will be scheduled for students who were absent. If you have a student who missed a test, please add his or her name to the doc, which is linked below. Kendra will send out a schedule for 504 students. Thank you for your patience!

Case Conferences & 504 Meetings

We have a continued increase in our SpEd numbers. We try to schedule all conferences before or after school. Please let us know about your preferred availability when it comes to scheduling these conferences. If you do not want to meet during your plan time, please let me know when we are scheduling. It's difficult to work around everyone's schedule, but Ashleigh and I have really been trying to plan ahead (way ahead) so that this isn't an issue.
Click here for the Do Not Photo/No Internet List

Be sure that students photographed or included in video are approved to do so. Please contact LolaJean at and invite her to visit or send her information about your classroom events.

staff express lunch order

Orders can be placed starting September 20th, these will be served as of 9/26. Make sure you date the order form with the serving date. If you have any questions please email Michelle Philipp.


  • Please write upcoming events on the dry erase calendar in the office.
  • Be sure to notify the office if you have visitors/volunteers coming to school.
  • All visitors must use the front door and check in at the office

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Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who has helped with the Lincoln Outdoor Learning Lab!

Thank you to Meryl for working with the vendor to organize the installation of the new bulletin boards.

Thank you to Kendra for jumping in and taking over with STAR, in addition to many other things!

Thank you to all the teachers as you work with our new math series!

Thank you to our advocacy team as they gear up to blast off once again. The display case in front looks great!