Stephen Hawking

By: Metztonalli Garcia

Stephen hawking's Background

Stephen Williams Hawking was born on the 8 of January in 1942 in Oxford, Eng land. His parents had a house in north London but because the second world war was going on it was safer to have babies in Oxford. when he was eight he moved to St. Albans, a town about 20 miles north of London. He went to St. Albans School and then to University College in Oxford where his father had gone. Stephen wanted to to study math but it wasn't available so he decided to pursue physics instead and after three years he was awarded a first class honors degree in Natural Science.

As a child he was awkward and skinny and he had a slight lisp and had a problem with his hand but he still did his three hours of homework every night and he also liked to create games with his friends. His father hope he would become a doctor but Stephen liked math, physics, and chemistry. In 1858 he and his friends created a computer called LUCE (the Logical Uni selector Computer Engine). When he attended Oxford he focused on mathematics and physics as he showed interest on theories like the theory of relativity form Einstein. He was also into Cosmology which dealt with the bending of space and space as related to time.

in 1963 Stephen met his future wife Jane Wilde on the first day of that year, He soon began going under tests which led to him being diagnosed with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). The doctors had given him two years to live. He was perfectly fine and he was able to use his mind to without any signs of illness, but later on he began to walk with canes and eventually in a wheelchair. Later on his speech was also affected. Stephen was trying to receive his PhD. and make a name for himself at the school which happened when he proved himself able to handle great levels of theocratic equations in his head. He applied the theory of singularity to the entire universe. In 1965 he became a published author on the subject of singularities and received his PhD at the age of 23.

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contributions to society

Stephen hawking is the most renowned theoretical scientist alive. Right now he works at Cambridge university in England as a physics professor. He is known as a quantum cosmologist which is a person who studies the universe when atoms had not yet formed. he is best known for is work exploring black holes.

In 1973 theoretical physicists Yakov Zeldovitch and Alexander Strarobinsky discussed possibilities of radiation coming from quantum effects outside of the black hole. Hawking wanted to further explore so he provided a precise prediction of how much radiation would be produced and its called hawking radiation. Although his calculations have been verified the technology to detect the radiation does not exist yet.

Hawking Radiation is when a pair of opposite particles from near the horizon of a black hole. Normally the particles form form the energy of the black hole, and they annihilate each other so the energy is given up and no physics laws are broken. If one of the particles gets drawn into the black hole, then the other continues to exist and the black hole then loses some of its mass. The escaping particles form a halo around the black hole and as the hole gets smaller the halo gets bigger, and brighter and hotter and when it reaches one quadrillion degrees the black hole explodes in a burst of light and energy. In less than a millionth of a second, it explodes with the energy of one billion atomic bombs.

Awards and honors

Presidential Medal of Freedom- 2009

Albert Einstein Award-1978

Copley medal- 2006

Albert Einstein Medal-1979

Hughes Medal-1976

Adams Prize-1966

Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical society-1985

Wolf prize in Physics-1988

Eddington Medal-1975

Dannie Heineman prize for mathematical Physics- 1976

Fonseca prize-2008

Special Breakthrough prize in fundamental physics-2013

Prince of Asturias Award for Concord-1989

Dirac medal of the institute of physics-1987

Pius XI gold medal for science


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